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  • #mallorysprescottviewhome kitchen island

    Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Island

    I’m finally sharing my DIY kitchen island with you today! It’s been done for a few months but I wanted it to be perfect (which it’s not) before I shared it. LOL! If you’ve been wanting to learn how to build a Kitchen Island but not sure how or think it will be too hard, it’s not! I promise ANYONE can build this. Anyone. How to build a Kitchen Island DIY Kitchen Island Instructions First I taped off a general area of where I wanted it and got rough estimates and headed to the Home Depot. I got these three cabinet boxes and arranged them in the aisle. It was literally the perfect size! I wanted a lot of drawers and these three were so perfect, in stock and inexpensive! I got home and put them in place. Somehow I carried them each from my car on my own and felt like superwoman. I put 2×4″ screwed into the wooden subfloor and once it was level, I screwed the cabinet bases into the 2×4. Next, I used shims to make…

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  • Family Pictures in Entry Way

    How we protect our homes and families

    This post is brought to you by Liberty Mutual. While this is a sponsored opportunity, all content and opinions expressed here are our own, always. Our priorities: Family and Home FIRST! Over the past year and a half or so, we both became homeowners. Since we started this blog, we had been renters for 7 years. When we started this blog we had 2 kids each and now have 9 kids combined. NINE. While our love for DIY projects and decorating runs real deep, those 9 kids and our husbands are first and foremost our top priority in life. We love what we do because it provides a special, personalized place for our families to grow and create lasting memories. Our kids will never look back and try to remember the details of their bedrooms since we have about a million photos to remind them. 😉  Our families are forever and our homes set the stage for those memories to be made. Our homes are the settings of virtually every memory our children will have. That being said, we’ve recently…

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  • DIY Shiplap Wall Tutorial

    Shiplap walls are a hot trend right now! We’re going to show you how to make your own shiplap wall in your own home!  How to make a shiplap wall To shiplap a wall, you need a few basic tools and basic woodworking knowledge. This is a very beginner “woodworking” project but you need to be comfortable using a saw to make your cuts. We have done several shiplap walls and have fine tuned our method for building a shiplap wall. Supplies to make a shiplap wall 1/2″ MDF – We have Home Depot cut down a 4×8′ sheet of MDF into 8″ strips. TIP: If you order and pay for the sheet of MDF online, some Home Depot stores will cut your strips for you before you go and pick it up. This makes your project SO much easier! Miter Saw or Circular Saw Jigsaw (optional) *for cutting around outlets or light switches Nailer (this one is our favorite and we HIGHLY recommend it!) You can use a hammer and nails if you don’t have or don’t want to…

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  • DIY Campaign Style Nightstand – Ikea Rast Hack

    This DIY Campaign Style Nightstand tutorial is an easy DIY nightstand that anyone can make. I swear ever Ikea Rast Hack is so cute and fun! This Ikea Rast nightstand is inexpensive to buy and customize for your own home!   This is probably the easiest way to dress up a plain ole’ Ikea Rast Campaign style Nightstand, other than just painting it. I really like these DIY nightstands because they provide a good amount of storage. Six, good sized, extra drawers for 2 DIY nightstands is pretty impressive and definitely helped us when trying to find storage in this small bedroom. Also, for $34.99, they can’t be beat. Ikea Rast Hack The only problem with the Ikea Rast Nighstand is they’re not very cute when you buy them, enter easy Ikea Rast Hack. They need some dressing up for sure. Today I’m going to show you have to make your own campaign style nightstand ikea rast hack super cute! Don’t worry this Ikea Rast Hack is super easy! DIY Nightstand Materials: Ikea Rast Chest of Drawers Wood Filler Sandpaper…

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  • Fabulous Garage Organization Ideas

    There’s nothing we love more than an organized space! I have been on the hunt for great garage ideas. I am wanting to take my garage organization to a whole new level. These garage organization ideas will help you keep your space clean and organized and ready for your next project! Here are some of our favorite garage organization ideas! Before I share a few of my favorite different organized garage ideas here a few of my tips that I have found that are really helpful when getting your garage organized. Garage Organization Ideas Use Bins Use Garage Labels Wall Hanging Organization Use Shelves Here are some of my favorite different garage ideas that I wanted to share with you. Just because it’s a garage does not mean that it can’t be pretty. Have you ever thought about doing a garage painted concrete floor? Painting concrete floors is such a fun and easy way to jazz up any garage floor. Painted Concrete Floors This is really cool Glossy Black Pretty Organized Garage. I love the glossy, clean floor and those bright…

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  • Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids

    Free Printable Chore Chart

    My kids are now old enough to help out around the house. So I made this Free Printable Chore Chart. What I love about this chore chart is that it’s cute and it’s easy for the kids to know exactly what their chores are.   Are the chores on the chore chart done perfectly? No… but at least the kids are feeling like I gave them a responsibility and they are checking it off the list. One thing that I have learned from my oldest is it I can’t go back and correct what she did. I just want them to feel like they did an awesome job and then later on I will talk to them about what needs to be done better next time. I also had to show them for a first few times that they started to do the chores. You can’t just think that they know how to do the chores on their chore chart, you have to teach them and show them first. Can I help my kids with the chores? Yes! But I do…

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  • Park Home Reno: Kids Room Ideas – LEGO Room Makeover

    I’m always looking for awesome kids room ideas! My boys requested a LEGO room for their room makeover so we gave them a colorful space packed with LEGO themed decor and accent pieces! You guys ask for kids room ideas so often so I’m excited to share a new one with you all today! As many of you know, I have five little boys! They range from 2 months old to 9 years old and they are the light of my life! What mom doesn’t say that? When we moved into our new house, the boys requested a LEGO themed room. Oh freak. That’s going to be quite the challenge I thought. I knew I wanted it to be colorful, geometric (mostly square and rectangular shapes) and feel fresh and modern. Everyone asks how we manage to keep all of our kids in one room so I’m going to share my tips and tricks of what I’ve learned over the past few years. How to design a kids room When designing a kids room, I first consider the necessities. So…

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  • DIY Faux Brick Wall

    Our first idea was to create a faux brick wall and as that idea marinated a bit, we thought what’s better than a brick wall? Answer: a brick wall with an world map painted on it. Obviously! Hi friends! We’re pretty proud of this project that we recently completed as a collaboration with Glidden Paint! You know we’re paint fanatics so we were especially excited about this one. Our first idea was to create a faux brick wall and as that idea marinated a bit, we thought what’s better than a brick wall? Answer: a brick wall with an world map painted on it. Obviously! Project Materials: 4×8′ Panels from Home Depot – My wall was 8×10′ so we used two and a half sheets. 2 full sheets and the 3rd sheet was cut in half vertically and it fit perfectly. YES! Drywall Screws Spackle Putty Knife Projector or some mad drawing skills White Chalk Marker Paint Brushes (One large, one small artistic brush) Glidden Paint – We used Glidden Paint DUO Paint + Primer Interior in Eggshell How To DIY Faux…

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  • Park Home Reno: Home Gym Organizer using a pegboard

    Easy DIY Project: Home Gym Organizer using a pegboard This post is sponsored by Krylon® Brand. All ideas and opinions are my own, as always. Hey friends! I’m excited to share my gym organizer with you today! I LOVE organizing and exercising so this gym organizer was so fun to make! It took about 3 hours total (including drying time for the paint) to make this gym organizer. Supplies: 3 – 8′ x 1″ x 2″ boards 1 – 4×8′ pegboard 3 cans of Krylon ColorMaster® Paint + Primer – 25% More in Satin Oxford Blue 2 cans of Krylon General Purpose Metallic in Silver Metallic Assorted pegboard accessories several 1-1.5″ wood screws – I used 1.5″ wood screws that I had on hand. Instructions: In a well ventilated area, spray paint the pegboard with Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer – 25% More in Satin Oxford Blue.  Make sure to read the label for safety and application instructions.  I did 3 coats, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly in between coats. This took about 2.5 cans of spray paint. While…

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  • Must Have Outdoor Living Spaces

    It is Spring time again….I know, I can’t believe it either but it is one of my favorite seasons. I love all the colors for spring. The pinks and yellows are so bright and fun! In the spring I always love having fresh flowers inside and outside to brighten my day. I also love to get my house in order and do all the spring cleaning. Today, I have put together some of my favorite Spring Outdoor Living Spaces that I love and I know you guys will too. Check out these cute fun DIY projects and let us know which outdoor living spaces are your guys favorites! For the flower lover Trash to Treasure Garden Area Outdoor Living Spaces to for lounging How to Build a Super Frugal Pergola – We plan to build a Pergola for a hot tub we hope to get this spring! I can’t even wait! This is a great tutorial for a cheap pergola! Backyard Spring Makeover – One of my favorite outdoor living spaces ever. Savannah’s new backyard is amazing but I loved her old…

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  • How To Paint A Front Door

    We have a super fun project to share with you guys today. One that applies to basically everyone, no matter your style, taste or even skill level! Today we’re sharing how to paint a front door (or repaint). We are painting the exterior of Savannah’s front entry door of her house today. She’s in a rental so we knew we would just be able to do cosmetic updates to the outside.  The plan was to paint the front door, some other paint updates (the step under the door, repaint the foundation, facia and door casing), add shutters, a window box and some plants and flowers. If you’re in a rental, be sure to check with your landlord first before painting a door! The front door was replaced a few months ago. It came primed but not painted and she waited and waited until she decided on the perfect color to paint it.  She finally decided she wanted a deep, rich navy so we got to work! How to paint a door Supplies To Paint Front Door: All-purpose cleaner Cleaning cloth ScotchBlue PLATINUM…

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  • HOW TO: paint laminate furniture – the easy way!

    Painting laminate furniture can seem intimidating to even the most experienced DIYer. We will show you how to paint laminate with our easy-to-follow tutorial! Painting furniture is obviously one of my favorite things to do! I love the thrill of the hunt for a great piece, agonizing over what color to paint it, whipping out my spray gun, and picking or painting the perfect hardware. That being said, some furniture is a pain in the you know what to paint. Painting laminate furniture is one of those pain points. Thankfully, we’ve created this easy-to-follow tutorial for painting laminate furniture! If it’s a great piece and suits your needs (and your budget!) it’s worth the little extra work to make it awesome. You with me? Today I’m gonna teach you how to paint laminate furniture, the easy way! Before This book case (Does this even classify as a book case?) is  a perfect example of just that! I found a piece I reeeeeally needed for storage and I had the perfect spot for it in my craft room and hello, it was…

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  • Modern Ranch Reno: Master Bedroom Sources

    I have shared my master bedroom before when I shared how I did my accent wall. You can find that post HERE. I also shared a part of my master bedroom when I revealed my Joybird couch HERE. Although I have shared the few bedroom I still have not shared where everything for my room is from and I wanted to share where everything is from today. Before My master bedroom started out with dated wallpaper and dated lighting, fans and some old school curtains. Removing this wallpaper was seriously soooo awful. I will be sharing a full post on how to remove wallpaper very soon so stay tune for that later. Master Bedroom Bed My master bedroom has gone through a few transformation. When I was designing my master bedroom I started with the bed. I found this bed on Overstock  I fell in love with it. The canopy bed was the perfect style that I wanted in my room and I love the brass. Mallory has almost the same bed but it is a little bit different. You…

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