A New Replacement To Eyelash Extensions? | FlutterHabit Lashes Review

Eyelash extensions have a permanent home on my beauty maintenance list. Nothing truly compares to jumping right out of bed with long, fluffy lashes without applying a single speck of makeup. If you’re reading this post as a fellow lash lover, I’m sure you feel the same!

The maintenance on the other hand, I do not enjoy. It has become increasingly difficult over the years to justify the cost that comes with fills or fresh sets. After canceling multiple appointments with my best friend Jenny from @saltylash because I just couldn’t fit it into my schedule as a mom, I knew I wanted to try something new. By the way, if you need lash extensions in the Mesa area, you MUST check her out!

In this post, I will be discussing my experience with FlutterHabit Lashes to help you decide if this product could be your extension replacement!


What Are FlutterHabit Lashes?

FlutterHabit Lashes are faux mink glue-on extensions that you apply in the comfort of your own home. No matter what style you choose, the lashes are designed to mimic the appearance and wear of extensions while still maintaining the price and ease of strip lashes.

I have always loved the look of strip lashes at the end of my makeup routine but hated how uncomfortable they feel on my eyes. I think just about everyone felt this way, and slowly, smaller sets of strip lashes started popping up in my local drugstores. If I’m being totally honest, I haven’t worn a strip lash (besides Flutter Habit) in years because I have been so dedicated to lash extensions with Salty Lash.

FlutterHabit Lashes took this idea of small sections of the lash and amplified it! Designed to be placed underneath the natural lash, this allows for almost a week’s worth of wear from a single set.

What Sets FlutterHabit Lashes Apart

FlutterHabit Lashes truly understand that every woman has different goals when it comes to her lashes, so they created many different styles to cater to every lash need!

My personal favorites are FLIRT or ORIGINAL, allowing me to keep the fullness and length of eyelash extensions in between appointments. If you are a fellow lover of statement lashes I would definitely give either of these styles a go!

Not only are the styles themselves incredible, but so is the ease when it comes to purchasing. FlutterHabit is a subscription-based model and for $25 a month beautiful lashes come straight to your door!

They make it super simple to cancel at any time, but I love the auto ship feature so I am never without lashes when I need them.

Use the link here to order yours today!


How To Apply FlutterHabit Lashes

Whether you are using these as a DIY fill between lash extension appointments like I do or are creating your own extension set from scratch, the steps to apply are the same.

There are four steps for a flawless application:

  1. Pinching the lash with your fingers, gently remove it from the packaging.
  2. When prepping the lash segment to apply, remove any glue from the base of the strip that was used to keep it in place inside the package. NOTE: This is also the step where any trimming of the lash occurs.
  3. Use tweezers to hold the lash segment, placing a small amount of glue on the base.
  4. Carefully pull your eyelid up to expose underneath your real lashes, placing the segment at the base of the lash line. Place each following segment next to each other until you’re satisfied!

These lashes are designed to stay in place for 5 days, so once the time is up repeat this process with a fresh set!

My Tips For A Perfect Application

This is a process that is easy to do after a few tries, but requires a bit of patience initially. After about 20 minutes of trial and error, these are my personal tips that I found made the process go by much smoother

  1. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before going in to apply the lash
  2. Although you may have lash glue you love, the FlutterHabit glue works way better than anything else I tried. Get the black one!
  3. Avoid getting too close to the inner corner of your eye as it will poke or lift after a few minutes,
  4. Use tweezers designed for lash application: my favorite tweezers are linked here

My Overall Opinion On FlutterHabit Lashes

Although nothing completely replaces the experience of true eyelash extensions, FlutterHabit are the only lashes on the market that truly mimic the real deal. I have never been so impressed by such an inexpensive product to complete my beauty routine. 

Here is a quick summary of my true thoughts on FlutterHabit Lashes:

What I Loved

  • The ease when applying
  • The auto ship feature
  • The price
  • How seamlessly the lashes blend in with my extensions, no matter the style

What I Wish Was Different

  • My only complaint is that these lashes only last 5 days, if not they’d be perfect!

Overall, I would give my stamp of approval on FlutterHabit lashes! They are a great in-between fill or a DIY way to create your own lash extensions. If you do end up trying FlutterHabit lashes, please let me know in the comments! 

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