Hunter + Averies Home Renovation Update

I have been meaning to tell the story of Averie and my brother Hunter for a bit now and I’m so excited to finally sit down and catch everyone up!

A few years ago, I was introduced to Shine Cosmetics and fell in love with their product and the people behind the brand. The owner, Darcey, became a dear friend of mine! We became fast friends on a cruise – our husbands and families just clicked.

Darcey had mentioned to me that her daughter Averie was visiting Phoenix and I insisted that she stay with me. When Averie got into town and we spent more time together, I had a feeling she would get along great with my brother Hunter who recently moved back home to Mesa from NYC. During her trip, they had a chance to meet and from what I hear – their connection was instant! The rest is history!

Averie and Hunter were married later that year and the best part….they bought a house SEVEN houses down!!! I can also finally share that Averie and Hunter are expecting (!!!!) and will be giving me a new niece later this year. It’s been a whirlwind in the best way. We are so grateful for Averie! She is beautiful inside and out and the perfect addition to our family.

About This House…

Hunter and Averie’s house as so many similarities to mine which is really fun. They intended to fully renovate this space after moving in and the process is unfolding rather quickly. Kyle and I are helping as much as we can. It’s coming along nicely!

Where We Are At Currently

A few months back, Kyle and I built these built ins (I went into detail on this post!) and decorated them as the first official project in this space!

Next, the sunken living room was filled in. Our home also had a sunken living room and filling it in was the best decision ever. With this section almost dry, we will move onto flooring!

Our sunken living room:

The kitchen was completely gutted and we are starting from scratch. The ceilings were so low in the kitchen and since the space was being torn out anyway, we were able to vault the ceiling and I am over the moon with how it’s looking!

My dad and his team are tackling the landscaping outside. It’s always a bigger project that we ever anticipate – it’s a lot of work! My dad is a true expert and the design for their house deserves allll the heart eyes!

I’ll Keep You Posted!

I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on the progress as we get this house ready for their growing fam!

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