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Modern Ranch House: Dining Room Reveal

Dining rooms are made up of a very few pieces of furniture. Two keys pieces of furniture for a dining room are a table and chairs. Because you don’t need a bunch of different pieces its very important the you select the right pieces. I want to share what pieces I chose for my dining and hopefully give you a few dining room ideas.

What my Dining Room looked like before

My dining room has been changed a few times since we have moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago. When we bought this house my dining room was just off the kitchen. If you are new here or if you want to see what the house looks like when we bought the house you can check out this post HERE. You can also search the hashtag #savannahsmodernranchhouse

What is different about the my Dining Room?

Since my kitchen remodel, which you can see HERE, I have wanted more of a hang out space just off the kitchen and so I put a living room set up next to the kitchen which I will be sharing next week. But with that being said I need a better set up for my dining room.

Dining Room Furniture

I need some new furniture for my new dining room space. My husband Kyle made me a Dining Table which I love and I hope I have it forever. But besides a table the other thing you need in a dining room is somewhere to sit. I found these amazing chairs from Article. They are the Oscuro dining chair. They have a brass frame and the cushion is a black fabric. I am loving these chairs.

Dining Room Revel Video

I did a full video of my dining room so you can see more in detail of this new space. You can see the video here….

Check more post here…

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