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Modern Ranch House: Formal Living Room

My formal living room has changed several times since we moved into this house. If you have seen the before pictures of my house then you have seen that this front room space has been changed quite a bit since we bought the house. But so you can get an idea of just the space here are some of the before pictures. 

The Formal Living Room Before

Our formal living room was the room right off of the entryway. It originally had a wall that is now a way more open space to the family room. It also had a step down and you can see all about that HERE. Up until recently I had the formal living room right when you walk in the entryway still and it connected with the family room. My only conflict I had every once in while was I didn’t necessarily love the sofa backing up another sofa in the family room. After the kitchen remodel which you can see HERE I really wanted to hang out space that connected to the kitchen so I decided to switch my dining room and my formal living room. I have loved the change so much. You can see my new dining room space HERE and you can get an idea of how the space is laid out.

The vibe in the formal living room 

With my formal living room I wanted it to be a space where we could kind of hang out and talk and not necessarily be distracted by the TV which is in our family room. I wanted it to be a little bit more of a space that had pretty furniture in it but also furniture that wasn’t necessarily going to get used every day by my children.

The accent wall

I love buffalo check so just like my old house which you can see HERE I painted this buffalo check wall and I have loved it as the perfect accent wall for the space.

Art pieces

I love this collection of flower artwork from a collaboration with Finders Keepers Designs and Brittney Gurr photography which you can find HERE

The lighting

The chandelier is from Lucent Light shop we have used several of their pieces throughout both of our homes and we just love all of their products. 

The rug 

I have love this rug so much. I actually had in my master bedroom which you can see HERE and I loved it so much that I got it for the space as well. I love that it has a little bit of a pattern and the cost is great. You can find the rug here. 

The furniture 

For the furniture in the space we have the Classy Clutter navy sofa is from the Classy Clutter collection. The pink Ottomans are also from the Classy Clutter collection. The leather sofa is from Article. The coffee table is from Wayfair. 

I have loved my formal living room right off my kitchen. We hang out here often. I love the navy sofa against the buffalo check wall and I love how everything flows together.

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  1. Large windows are a staple in contemporary design, but large mirrors take the look of this living room to another level. Sleek, stylish furniture and a soft neutral theme with some feminine accents and a delicate but trendy chandelier make this living room modern chic.

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