Park Home Reno: Main Floor Rug Round Up

Hey guys! A lot of you have asked a ton of questions about my rugs lately! I thought it’d be easiest to direct everyone to the same spot and answer some of the questions publicly versus in 100+ direct messages and emails.

Dining Room Rug

This rug in my dining room is from Overstock.com. You can get it here. I get an 8×10 rug. Your table and chairs should sit on your dining room rug. I love this rug for dining rooms because the color, pattern and movement in the rug hides pretty much any stain! It’s easy to clean and has a low pile so your chair lets slide easily across it.

Living Room Rug

The rug in my living room is the nuLOOM Vintage Perisian Distressed Pink rug from Overstock. I got the 8×10 but could have even gone up to 9×12′. I used my favorite rug tape (found here in our Amazon shop) I have (wood looking) tile and this tape is great for helping to hold rugs in place. I am not sure how it would do on laminate or real wood floors since I’ve never used it on those surfaces.  Also, if you watch our IG stories, you saw that I’m adding beams to our vaulted ceiling and you can get a little peek of it in that picture above.

Hallway Rug

My hallway runner is also taped down. I have had this rug for a long time and it still looks brand new. It is one of my all time favorites and comes in several sizes.

Master Bedroom Rug

Since my master bedroom is on this floor and I get a lot of questions about this rug. I have this ivory Moroccan Shag rug in 2 rooms (I’m sure that’s breaking all kinds of Interior Design rules but I don’t even care) and I still love it so much. I have an 8×10. It’s fluffy and comfy and easy to shampoo. Even my Roomba vacuum can vacuum over it just fine. I LOVE this rug.

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    September 4, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    Did you have to do anything special to keep your bedroom rug laying flat? We recently replaced our carpet and our new carpet is much more plush. Now, none of my rugs will lay flat. I’ve tried carpet tape but it kept showing up on one side. Any suggestions?

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    Ellen from Ask Away Blog
    September 5, 2018 at 5:39 am

    I am sickeningly obsessed with that rug!!!

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