Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting can make or break your kitchen and are a super fun way to add personality to your kitchen! Mix and match as you choose and don’t be afraid to go bold! Here are some of our favorite kitchen Island lighting ideas!
Kitchen Lighting Ideas

I am always looking for kitchen island lighting ideas for clients and for my own home. I love that a great light can change an entire space and I definitely have a pedant light obsession. I love to change them out to refresh pretty much any space! You can totally transform a space by switching up lighting and I totally feel like you can update or change the entire look, feel and style of a space solely on lighting choices!

 Pendant Light Kitchen Lighting Ideas

These are great for over a sink, or use multiple for islands and long dining tables. We have used pendant lights all over our homes and almost always pair them up to use in a single space. We always use 2-3 lights for islands and long tables, 1 larger pendant light over round dining tables, bath tubs or even huge ones in a living space. Today we’re going to focus on how to use pendant lights in your kitchen specifically and share some of our favorites for you!

Kitchen Pendant Lights over a sink

Using Pendant Lights over a sink is a great way to accent the space. It gives you additional light when you’re washing dishes and adds style and personality to a space.


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Small Dream Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Pendant Lights over an Island

Kitchen Pendant Lights over Island and Peninsula

Savannah’s Modern Ranch Reno Kitchen

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Mallory’s Prescott View Kitchen

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Via Brittany Makes

Kitchen Pendant Light Spacing and Hanging Height

Pendant Light Placement over island

Kitchen Pendant Light Hanging Height Diagram

The Cutest Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

For more home decor ideas, check out:


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    Kitchen Lighting Ideas UK 2020 | Surreal Home
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