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    DIY Built-Ins Cabinets | Designing Built-In Cabinets For The Johnson Files!

    There is nothing Kyle and I love more than turning a house into a home. We have designed countless projects in order to accomplish this goal for our family and others, but nothing provides that homey feel quite like custom built-in cabinets! I know what you’re thinking- custom built-ins are expensive! That is true, but it doesn’t have to be. A few weeks back, we flew out to Utah to visit The Johnson Files (Shaun and Nicole Johnson) to prove that built-ins can be done without breaking the bank! We love Shaun and Nicole SO much and spending a few days with them to surprise them with this epic transformation filled my heart with so much joy! We are big fans of built in cabinets, which is why we did them in our own home as well! You can check out that post right here. In this post, I will give you the honest truth of what no one really tells you when building your own built-ins, so you can decide if this is the next big project for your…

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  • Shaker Cabinets 101 | How to Design & Style Shaker Cabinets in Your Own Kitchen

    Let’s talk Shaker cabinets! I’ve used them in several kitchen renovation projects recently, and I’m in love with the look! They’re class, they age well, and they add a touch of class to just about any kitchen. Here’s everything you need to know before designing your kitchen with Shaker cabinets. What Are Shaker Cabinets? If you’ve spent any time scrolling Pinterest for kitchen inspiration, you’ve probably seen Shaker cabinets. They’re simple, clean cabinets with uniformly framed doors, recessed fronts, and sleek hardware. Most people paint them white, but I’ve seen them in bright colors, natural wood finishes, and even black! They’re super versatile and easy to style no matter the look you’re going for. Where to Find Shaker Cabinets Luckily, these cabinets are super common these days, especially the classic white Shaker cabinets. Just about any cabinet maker can craft them for you. If you’re looking to DIY your kitchen renovation, you can also find ready-made Shaker cabinets or doors online.  Shaker Cabinet Styles to Choose From There are tons of different Shaker cabinet styles to choose from, and you…

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  • Pool Fences in Arizona: Do You Really Need One? (Hint: Yes, you do!)

    There is nothing quite like beating the hot heat in the summertime with a dip in the pool. When we were buying our home a few years ago, one of our top priorities was a backyard fit for entertaining our huge family- with a pool being the star of the show! As soon as the house officially became ours, my first mission was installing a pool fence. I know it’s not the most glamorous project, but peace of mind is worth more to me than any design eyesore. Today on the blog, I’m sharing all about our pool fence, why we have one, and how to change your perspective on this safety must-have, to help you figure out what fencing option will work best for your backyard. Why Is A Pool Fence Important? We all know why having a pool fence is important. In fact, you’re probably reading this right now hoping I have a magical solution for pool safety that doesn’t involve a pool fence. Friend, I wish I did! I wish there was a way to protect little…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Baby Shower | Party Food, Decorations, and More!

    Can you believe Sophie is a mom?! Confession time – I’m writing this a few a months late because Sophie and Tate already welcomed their baby girl into the world! She is a total dream. Being an aunt is so much fun and to see Sophie become a mom has been such a special experience for the whole family. We are so, so happy for them and their new addition!! My mom threw Sophie the most stunning Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower. It was so gorgeous and over the top, I just had to share it with all of you! Helping with the design of this Alice in Wonderland themed party was sooo much fun! It was hosted in my mom’s backyard which is truly the most perfect setting for this theme. The design of Alice in Wonderland is such a fun take on what imagination can truly be. With such bright colors, whimsical prints, and a garden that seems to come alive- this movie never lacks in theme inspiration. I was honored to play a part my beautiful…

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  • flutterhabit_lashes_3

    A New Replacement To Eyelash Extensions? | FlutterHabit Lashes Review

    Eyelash extensions have a permanent home on my beauty maintenance list. Nothing truly compares to jumping right out of bed with long, fluffy lashes without applying a single speck of makeup. If you’re reading this post as a fellow lash lover, I’m sure you feel the same! The maintenance on the other hand, I do not enjoy. It has become increasingly difficult over the years to justify the cost that comes with fills or fresh sets. After canceling multiple appointments with my best friend Jenny from @saltylash because I just couldn’t fit it into my schedule as a mom, I knew I wanted to try something new. By the way, if you need lash extensions in the Mesa area, you MUST check her out! In this post, I will be discussing my experience with FlutterHabit Lashes to help you decide if this product could be your extension replacement! What Are FlutterHabit Lashes? FlutterHabit Lashes are faux mink glue-on extensions that you apply in the comfort of your own home. No matter what style you choose, the lashes are designed to…

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  • Hunter + Averies Home Renovation Update

    I have been meaning to tell the story of Averie and my brother Hunter for a bit now and I’m so excited to finally sit down and catch everyone up! A few years ago, I was introduced to Shine Cosmetics and fell in love with their product and the people behind the brand. The owner, Darcey, became a dear friend of mine! We became fast friends on a cruise – our husbands and families just clicked. Darcey had mentioned to me that her daughter Averie was visiting Phoenix and I insisted that she stay with me. When Averie got into town and we spent more time together, I had a feeling she would get along great with my brother Hunter who recently moved back home to Mesa from NYC. During her trip, they had a chance to meet and from what I hear – their connection was instant! The rest is history! Averie and Hunter were married later that year and the best part….they bought a house SEVEN houses down!!! I can also finally share that Averie and Hunter are…

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  • Blackstone Griddle Review | What We REALLY Think (& Tips For Cleaning It!)

    Let’s take a look at the famous Blackstone Griddle and see what my family of 6 thinks! When my husband Kyle and I aren’t working on remodeling projects, you can find us outside by the pool with our kids. We love unwinding at the end of the day. But when it comes to making supper, sometimes we just don’t want to have to go inside, stand over a hot stove, and generally heat up the house in the middle of summer. I’m sweating just thinking about it! Plus, does anyone else get nauseous by the smell of food lingering in the house? Just me? Last year I shared that a Blackstone griddle would be a great idea for your hubs or any beloved man in your life in my post Gift Guide for Men! | 2021 Walmart Gift Guide. Well, I ended up giving Kyle a Blackstone Griddle station with accessories last Christmas (lucky guy he is!). But actually, we all love it. Keep reading for my full review of the newest addition to our backyard. Before we dive in,…

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  • Article Furniture | Does It Actually Hold Up?

    In the last year, I have really been enjoying working with interior design clients again. It’s something I’ve been doing slowly, when I have time between focusing on my family and running this business! Working with clients fills my creative cup when I’m not working on my own home! Budget is always the first thing that comes up with anyone I work with – and for good reason! No matter where my client falls on the budget spectrum, I can almost always guarantee at lease one of my recommended pieces will be from Article. Article is an online furniture store that has an amazing selection of modern, Scandinavian inspired furniture that has become increasingly popular over the last several years. They are not just the creators of beautiful pieces, but they were direct with manufacturers to cut out the middle man. This results in better prices for their customers! Truly – their quality and pricing is unmatched. What I Love About Article: They have trendy, in-style furniture that fits mine (and most of my client’s) home and design style Their…

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  • Red Aspen Nails | Do They Actually Last? | My Review

    There is nothing I love more than a fresh manicure. It makes me feel polished, professional, and even more confident to approach life head-on. That being said, being a busy mom and business owner makes it difficult to take the time out of my day to sit down in a nail salon. Manicures take a toll on my wallet too! Enter: Red Aspen Nails. I’ve been on the hunt to find the best at-home remedy to get salon quality results in my own time. Trust me, I’ve tried it all with too many failed horror stories to count. Finally, I decided to give Red Aspen Nail Dashes a try. Today on the blog, I’m going over the pros and cons of these viral press-on nails and give my final say on if it’s finally time to ditch the salon! If we haven’t met, hi! I’m Savannah of Savannah Kay Designs. My husband Kyle and I are currently renovating our ranch style home in sunny Mesa, AZ and sharing all of the behind the scenes on Instagram! Here are some of our…

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  • Bookshelf Decor | How To Style A Bookshelf

    Today on the blog, I’m super excited to share with you my tips for styling a bookshelf using affordable bookshelf decor! I’ll be honest, I used to really struggle with this but with practice, it has become one of my favorite things in the world of design! In the last few years, I’ve found some awesome tips to make styling a bookshelf (or any space in your house!) a lot simpler. My tips will help you show your personality through your home, on a budget without compromising your style. Paint Color: Linked Here Three Tips to Beautiful And Useful Bookshelf Decor Tip One: Use bins and baskets to store like items. On the top shelf, I used  a filing box that I keep important documents in. Tip Two: Go green. I used this cute little Aloe Vera and this tiny little cactus to add some life to the space. Plants and flowers add interest, texture and life to any space and I especially love them on bookshelves. The faux plant is from Target and the cactus is set in a cute little gold votive…

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  • Backsplash For Kitchens: How To Pick Tile You’ll Love For Years!

    Choosing a backsplash tile is NOT an easy feat! It’s a big decision because as I’m sure you know, it’s difficult to switch out. If you’re reading this and working on a backsplash update in your kitchen, the good news is that you have two things on your side – lots of options and this post for inspiration! What Is Backsplash? Backsplash tile is placed on the walls of your kitchen above your countertops. Kitchen’s get messy, and having tile above your counters protects the walls from the inevitable splashes and spills. I love backsplash because of the decorative element it brings to your kitchen. There are so many options these days and today on the blog, I’m walking you through how to choose a backsplash for your kitchen update. Backsplash Options: Slab or Tile? When you are installing or replacing countertops, you typically choose a “slab” or stone like quartz or marble. Because you are purchasing the entire slab, you can have it fabricated for your counters in addition to your backsplash. The same piece of stone can be…

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  • Modere Collagen – My Honest Review

    First of all, have we met? Hi! My name is Savannah, owner of the blog and business Savannah Kay Designs! I am a DIY and Lifestyle blogger in Mesa, AZ. I’m a mom of 4 and wife to my husband Kyle, a contractor and my partner in crime for all things home projects! Here are some of our favorite projects to date: Our Master Bedroom Reveal! How to Stain Wood Floors My Dramatic Hallway Transformation Fun Fact: I am a licensed hair stylist! I’ve spent many years behind the chair learning how to take care of not only my hair, but my client’s hair as well! Every hair product, shampoo, conditioner – you name it, I’ve tried it. (Hint: It didn’t work as well as Modere Collagen. But more on than in a minute!) What I hadn’t tried until recently is to take care of my hair AND skin from the inside out. I’ve realized that if I have breakage, fallout or thinning hair – no external product is going to change that which is why I jumped at the…

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  • How to Paint a Room

    Learning how to paint a room is one of the most simple ways to transform a space! I have been doing lots of painting and I am always looking to improve my painting skills for painting both my home (walls, trim, cabinets, etc) and tips for painting furniture! I have been gathering some tips here and there so I thought I’d share those with you! I’ve said this a million times – but paint changes EVERYTHING! I get asked several times per day about paint colors around my home and today on the blog, I’m so excited to share a round of up the colors and brands we have used at #SavannahsModernRanchHouse! This is LONG overdue! Before we get started, here are a few other posts we have done about painting! The Ultimate List of Accent Wall Ideas Spray Painting FAQs How to Chalk Paint Furniture How to Paint a Front Door How to Paint Floor Tile Here are the steps to painting a room: How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room? It depends on two things –…

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