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  • pantry organization

    Room Spotlight: Pantry Organization 101

    Between Mallory and I, we have organized and decorated quite a few pantry spaces and are now experts in pantry organization. We both have large families and you know what that means – we tend to have a lot of food on hand. We have really mastered how to best approach a pantry in a way that is both functional and beautiful and we want to help you do the same! The first step is to always organize the space you are going to decorate. We went into detail in this post about our pantry organization process so I would review that post for details on that! But here are the products we used: White Bins White bins are a pantry must! We love these IKEA ones but we found very similar ones on Amazon! IKEA \\ AMAZON \\ CONTAINER STORE Glass Jars AMAZON \\ CONTAINER STORE Acrylic Cereal Boxes These aren’t just pretty – they really do keep your cereal so fresh! These are truly a must have in our opinion. AMAZON \\ CONTAINER STORE Label All the Things! We could never quite…

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  • Easy Garage Door Upgrades

    I shared a post on Instagram about how I did easy garage door upgrades to up the curb appeal of our house and add a little more character to our home’s exterior. Magnetic Garage Door hardware The easiest upgrade to make your doors look custom is to install magnetic garage door hardware to your doors. I got mine on amazon and we LOVE them. They snap on with heavy duty magnets and stay put until you move them, even through rough weather. You can get creative as to where to put the straps and handles and play with it until you like the look. Install a flag Flags are really fun to fly on holidays but we love to fly our American flag year round. You can install a little angled bracket with a couple screws into trim on your house and fly your flag whenever you want! Buy a flag kit (including mounting hardware here: Style it with faux plants I got two faux boxwood plants that came potted in black urns from At Home (unavailable online) but…

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  • Savannah’s Modern Ranch House Flooring Sources

    Flooring is a major part of any room or space. Mallory recently shared all of her flooring sources that she now has in her new home which you can see HERE. I loved her post so much I wanted to shared my flooring source with you! When we bought this house, it had steps up and down throughout the main living area and we had to “fill in” the sunken areas and make everything level. You can watch the video on how we did that so you get an idea of where we began. Filling in a sunken living room White Tile When we bought the house we had not have much money to invest in the flooring but since we were pouring new concrete and removing old tile we had to replace the flooring. We had a few problems. The first problem was little budget we needed to be right around $2 a square foot. The second issue was we were adding new flooring that was going right against some original hardwood which means any hardwood “look a like”…

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  • Mallory’s Classic Colonial: Paint Colors

    We get asked about our paint colors pretty much every day so I wanted to make a hub of our home’s paint colors for your reference. I used Behr Paint inside and out of our home. It’s available at Home Depot and it’s truly our go-to brand for all of our painting needs. Walls: Behr – Frost (Satin) Doors and Trim: Behr – Ultra Pure White (Semi-Gloss) Black Banister: Behr – Carbon – Semi Gloss Ceilings: Behr – Ultra Pure White (Interior Ceiling Flat) Dining Room Ceiling: Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matte – Charcoal Navy Accents – (Kitchen Island and Built-in Bookcases): Behr Starless Night Exterior Paint Colors: Exterior: Behr Interior/Exterior Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint – White (Flat) Shutters and Exterior Doors: Behr Exterior – Carbon – Satin Front Door: Behr Ultra – Red my Mind – Semi Gloss Pin it for later:…

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  • Wayfair SALE! Black Friday in July!

    It’s that time again! Wayfair is having their second biggest sale of the year – Black Friday in July! This is such a good sale and if there is something you have been eyeing – this is the perfect change to pick it up! Can you do us a favor? If you buy anything, we would love to see how you style it in your home! Use the hashtag #classycluttermademedoit and we will comment on your post! If you are having trouble decorating your home or want to better define your style, we recently launched Classy Clutter Decorating Academy! This is our step by step process for turning your current home into a house you LOVE! It is $100 off during presale which is closing soon! Okay, now on to the deals! Rugs – All under $100! One | Two | Three | Four Lighting – All under $240! One | Two | Three | Four Mirrors One | Two | Three Furniture One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six Decor One | Two | Three Outdoor Furniture One | Two | Three Happy shopping!…

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  • Amazon Prime Day Roundup: Classy Clutter Edition!

    We are so excited to share some of our favorite items that are on sale today and tomorrow during Amazon Prime’s 2 day sale! The sale is July 15th and 16th and is filled with so many amazing home decor pieces that we just had to show you. If you are having trouble decorating your home or want to better define your style, we recently launched Classy Clutter Decorating Academy! Our step by step process for turning your current home into a house you LOVE! It is $100 off during presale which is closing soon! Our private Facebook group is filling up quickly and we don’t want you to miss out. Are you in?! Okay, now on to the sales! Happy shopping! Rugs Under $150One | Two | Three Throw– just $13! Fake Fiddle Leaf Gold lighting options one | two Juliette Tempered Glass Tables Set of 4 Dining Chairs – This price is so good! Round Mirror Pillows Inserts for Classy Clutter pillow covers! iRobot – This is a must at our house! What are you picking up during the sale? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram!…

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  • Mallory’s Classic Colonial: Exterior Brick Reveal

    This post is sponsored by Behr Paint. All ideas and opinions are my own, as always. This exterior painted brick project was been one of the most rewarding DIY projects I’ve taken on. This is my third time painting the exterior of a house myself so I’ve nailed down the process and I can’t wait to share all my tips and tricks for painting the exterior of a home. Exterior Brick Paint We used two coats of Behr Interior/Exterior Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint – White in a Flat sheen for the brick. We used a large airless paint sprayer to get the job done and we were able to complete the entire front of the house in just one day. Red Front Door For the front door, we used a angled paint brush and Behr Ultra exterior paint. The color is “Red my Mind” in Semi Gloss. DIY Black Painted Shutters We hand painted our shutters with Behr Ultra – Exterior, Color: Carbon in Satin. You can read my tips for painting doors and shutters here. I can’t wait to complete the full…

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  • Modern Ranch House: Adventure Room Sources

    I just finished my little boys room and it really did turn out so cute. I wanted to do a full post for you of all the sources of everything I used in the room. Paint The biggest change in this room is the wall color. You can read all about the details about the paint colors in this blog post HERE. Furniture Bed– I found the bunk bed on Walmart! I love that they are stackable and I love that the bottom bunk is a queen and the top bunk is a twin. You can find it HERE. Sofa– I actually got this sofa from Mallory. She got it from American Furniture Warehouse. The navy one is no longer available but here’s similar one. Dresser– This tone of dresser is perfect for this room. I was not wanting to spend a lot on the dresser and I found this one from Living Spaces and for it being under $200 it works just fine. But just so you know It’s not on metal tracks its on wood tracks so its…

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  • How to upgrade Curb Appeal in just one weekend

    This post is sponsored by Behr Paint Company. As always, all opinions are my own. We have waited months to be able to paint the exterior of our home. We have partnered with Behr Paint and we are so excited to show you the process. We have an HOA in our neighborhood so the planning stage took a while. We had to “pitch” our ideas to the HOA to get approved before we could move forward with the paint project. Thankfully, the bones of the house were exactly what we wanted. I fell in love with the symmetry, texture of the brick and overall shape of the house. One thing I didn’t love was the size and color of the red bricks that are more like commercial block. We partnered with Behr for the Red, White and Behr Sweepstakes and we knew it was the perfect time to update the curb appeal of our new home and take it one step closer to being our dream home. First things first, we removed the awnings and gave the house a good…

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  • Mallory’s Classic Colonial: LifeProof Carpet

    This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. All opinions are our own, as always. Hi friends! Just popping in to update you on the LifeProof carpet in our new house! We partnered with The Home Depot on this project and it was the best decision ever. LifeProof Carpet For our family room and kids bedrooms we chose LifeProof carpet and the style is Briarmoor II. The color is (21) Flintstone. We upgraded our carpet pad to a 1/2″ pad and it made it extremely squishy and comfortable. How to order carpet from Home Depot Take rough measurements of the space you want to have carpet installed. Schedule a measure. You can do this online or in-store. A professional will come to your home to evaluate your site, verify measurements and determine any special requirements. Visit your local Home Depot or shop online to pick out your carpet and schedule installation. The LifeProof carpet has been the perfect solution to our 5 rambunctious boys that want to play comfortably on the floor. Hope over to The Home Depot blog (here)…

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  • Household Closet Organization and Labels

    I can’t even tell you how many times a day I get asked for things. It usually go something like this, “Have you seen my dance shoes?” ” Have you seen my backpack?” “Do we have any Band-Aids?” “Do you know where the batteries are?” Can you relate?? If you can then I want to share one thing that has helped with so many of those questions. It’s getting organized and labeling EVERYTHING!! My Household closet BEFORE: Step 1: Clear everything out Here is the AFTER: We used black vinyl and a Silhouette Machine to cut out these cute random dots so that we could add a bit of character to this closet. It was really easy to apply and was really quick. If you don’t have a vinyl cutter machine you can use scissors and cut your own dots. Label all the things! It makes it so much easier for everyone if everything has a home and everything is labeled. We have made this even easier for you to create your household closet or cabinet by making a set…

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  • Mallory’s Classic Colonial: Dining Room Makeover

    I’m so excited to be sharing some actual progress with you guys on the house. This dining room is literally visible from most areas of our house and was a little bit of a challenge for me to make sure that all walkways are clear, the furniture felt appropriately sized and things didn’t feel too blocked off. You literally have to be able to walk around the entire table because it’s in the middle of the whole house. We opened up some pocket doors that lead to our living room and took out a wall that was in between our dining room and our kitchen. The wall didn’t look structural then ended up needing a beam and also caused a minor A/C reroute. We had our new floors installed (you can read about the flooring in our house here), painted the walls Behr Frost (a cool white), installed baseboards, new electrical outlets and switches and finally a new light fixture. I love the boldness of the black and white with the traditional furniture and architecture. I want our home to…

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