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Introducing Mock Up Makeover! | Helping To Design A Space You Love

Of all the posts I get excited to write about, this may be one of my all time favorites! After years of designing spaces in my own home to share with you all, it was time to step it up a notch.

I get DMs regularly from followers reach out regarding specific design questions for their homes. Nothing makes me happier than helping you with your spaces, but it can be tricky when DMs are so limiting! I wanted to create a custom experience as a way to thank you for trusting my design taste so much and for being there every step of the way. Introducing…Mock Up Makeovers!

Today on the blog, I’m talking all about my new project that will elevate any room using simple styling tips. This way, we can all refresh our love for interior design and create spaces full of curated pieces that perfectly fit!

What Is A Mock Up Makeover?

Let me paint you an all too common picture. After seeing endless interior design inspiration online, you are thrilled to start curating a perfectly designed space of your own. It seems so fun to take this project on, until everything becomes overwhelming and it’s easier to give up halfway through. Sound familiar? I know I’ve been there!

It took years for me to develop an eye to design my home, and for a while many rooms sat empty or half-finished. Now that it’s easier for me to decide what a space needs, I want to help you be able to do the same!

Mock Up Makeover is a brainstorm of ideas for what I think your space needs based on the photos you send me. I’ll take time to envision the perfect space for you, then make it easy to purchase everything in one place. This way, you are able to create a room you truly love!

How Do I Get A Chance For My Own Room Makeover?

The process is super simple! Send me a DM of your room photos on Instagram (@savannahkaydesigns). Then, use the keyword “MyMockup” and you have a chance to be selected for your very own mock-up makeover!

Now the fun part begins! I’ll create a walk-through video with sketches detailing what will elevate the space, then curate an LTK page for easy access to every item. 

As I get more and more submissions for My Mock Makeover, I’ve realized many of us get stuck trying to design similar spaces. To solve this, I’ll post every video on my Instagram and make it easy to access my LTK site for all the pieces.

This way, we can all elevate our homes together!

The First Mock Up Makeover Debut!

The first Mock Up Makeover is up on my Instagram! It was so fun adding fresh ideas into this primary bedroom, all while keeping the bones of the space intact.

My main focus is to add a few items into the empty space between the bed and dresser. This way, it can feel a bit more cozy. The best way to do this is by creating a small seating area! 

A small couch acts as an end cap to the bed and when combined with a coffee table, it creates a dual purpose room without an influx of furniture. Finish it off with an 8×10 rug and it’s perfect!

Another one of the easiest ways to elevate a room is by adding character to the walls. I know it’s intimidating to nail anything to the wall, but stick with my tried-and-true favorites to never go wrong.

Here are a few of my go-to wall pieces:

  • Curtains for drama! Be sure to hang your curtain rods at the top of the ceiling to let your curtains touch the floor
  • A simple six-frame gallery wall. If you choose to take this opportunity and print out family photos, consider black-and-white for a uniform color.
  • Large art pieces behind the TV for a more eclectic gallery wall. By placing every piece around your console, it becomes a part of your installation.

To learn more tips from the first Mock Up Makeover, head over to my Instagram for the complete video!

My Final Thoughts

I want to thank all of you for trusting me to help redesign spaces in your home. No matter if it’s a simple mudroom or entire living room, I want to help make it perfect!

If you’re interested in your own Mock Up Makeover, DM your photos to me (@savannahkaydesigns) on Instagram! And to keep up with all things Classy Clutter, check out our most recent posts:

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