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Rub ‘N Buff Colors: My Favorites & How I Use It!

When designing any space, there is no greater feeling than bringing in the finishing details. While I love every aspect of a remodel, there is just something about those final touches that turn a house into a home. It never gets old seeing it all pulled together!

That being said, those elegant touches can be expensive! I knew there had to be a solution somewhere on the market to elevate standard finishes without looking fake. Finally, I found the perfect solution: Rub ‘N Buff!

Cabinet Pulls Finished With Rub 'N Buff

In this post, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about Rub ‘N Buff to feel comfortable using it in your next home project!

What Is Rub ‘N Buff?

I’m so glad you asked! Rub ‘N Buff is a quick metallic wax finish designed for use on top of previously painted surfaces. Gently rub onto whatever home accessory you wish to elevate, then buff it in to reveal a beautiful luster. Seriously, the shine it creates is unreal!

While at first I thought it would just be a gimmick that could never replace my love of spray paint, it has slowly become my go-to whenever I want to elevate a home accessory. 

My favorite aspects of Rub ‘N Buff are:

  • How cheap it is! 
  • The ease when using. This product is so forgiving to apply and buff out, I’ve made it look flawless even in a time crunch.
  • It can be applied with any brush- I use a trusty old makeup brush to get the job done.
  • The product is available anywhere.
  • There is a color choice for everyone, whether you’re a gold, silver, or copper lover!

The Best Rub ‘N Buff Colors

Like I mentioned above, Rub ‘N Buff’s wide color range will meet the needs of any metal lover. Personally, I am forever a fan of gold finishes and have found the best luck with two of their shades: European Gold and Gold Leaf.

Rub 'N Buff European Gold

European Gold is a slightly cooler-toned gold that is a perfect match for any neutral color. No matter if your paint is warm or cool, European Gold is the ideal compliment. Think of that stereotypical gold we all dream of for our finishes.

Rub 'N Buff Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf is another beautiful gold, but it has a warmer and brighter finish. As if there are flecks of gold in the wax itself, Gold Leaf is the perfect color choice if you’re searching for a lighter pop for gold finishes. 

Not sure what color to choose? I love this multipack option available to truly test out what finish is the best for my needs.

My Favorite Projects With Rub ‘N Buff

Rub ‘N Buff is a tried-and-true staple in almost too many home projects to count, but two of my favorites have been using it to completely transform art lights and cabinet hardware!

Elevating Affordable Art Lights

Finished Art Lights Using Rub 'N Buff

It was an absolute honor to redesign this living room because it was for my baby sister Sophie and her new husband! To read all the details on how we did it, check out this post!

We challenged ourselves to find some budget-friendly options to elevate this space, so of course Rub ‘N Buff had to be incorporated. Sophie and I love the art lights in my home, so it was the perfect project to DIY

The art lights I found on Amazon are a beautiful shape and battery-operated, but have two different tones of gold we didn’t like. Through experimenting with Rub ‘N Buff previously, I learned the best way to create an antique finish is starting with a black-painted base.

After taping and spray painting each light, it was time for the best part! Painting on the Rub ‘N Buff is such a forgiving process and in no time the art lights were complete. 

Although the effort is minimal, the antique feel of these art lights cannot be beat. Friends and family have loved it so much, I’ve recreated this DIY several times!

The Project Details:

Transforming Basic Cabinet Hardware

Finished Cabinet Hardware With Rub 'N Buff

We loved redesigning Sophie and her husband’s new living room, so the fun had to continue into the kitchen! We did an entire kitchen renovation, but no cabinetry is complete without the perfect hardware.

After ordering semi-circle pulls from Amazon, I knew the gold color it came in could be improved. Just like the art lights, I opted to spray paint the pulls black first to create dimension behind the Rub ‘N Buff.

I was too excited to wait to add the finish on top, so I quickly put it on in the backyard in the minutes before dropping my daughters off at dance class. The pulls were just calling for the Rub ‘N Buff to be added!

Once installed into the cabinets, I was thrilled to see the gold finish was the perfect compliment to the gray paint. The kitchen was perfect!

The Project Details:

No matter if you’re adding the final touches to a renovation or freshening up a beloved area, Rub ‘N Buff is the best way to elevate your finishes. Trust me- you won’t regret adding it to your DIY project list.

If you end up trying Rub ‘N Buff anywhere in your home, please let me know in the comments!

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