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Home Printable To Do List

This free printable to do list is sure to help you knock off those projects that you’ve had on your to-do list for far too long! Download and print your free printable to do list right now!

Free Printable To Do List

If you saw me chatting on Instagram, I talked about how Savannah and I are trying to refocus on existing projects and completing what we’ve started or projects that we’ve purchased materials for. I decided to make a free printable to do list!


How to use a Printable To Do List

    1. Enter your email Download your printable.
    2. Print your to do list on your home printer. I suggest printing one for every space or room in your house that needs attention. For me, thats basically every space.
    3. Fill out your lists! There’s a line at the top for the Room/Space you plan to work on. I suggest using a pencil as sometimes we change our minds and erasers are our friends.
    4. Walk around your home and list items that need attention. If your living room needs a new rug, write that down. If the bathroom faucet is leaking, write that down. I write down anything that needs any kind of attention.
      1. Examples: Touch up paint, replace light fixture, schedule carpet cleaners, replace light bulb, purchase new throw pillows.
    5. Go easy on yourself. This printable to do list has a LOT of lines. That was totally intentional. Most of our homes need a lot of attention. Some need full renovations. Some need some spot cleaning and a good vacuum. Whatever yours needs, write it down and give yourself plenty of time to do it. Do not use this list as a cause for stress but as a plan of attack when you have an extra hour or if you’re at the store and remember you need to replace light bulbs, you can grab them! This is a home organization tool, not a MUST do right NOW list. 🙂

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