Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Having a daily kitchen cleaning checklist is the only way I have found success in keeping my kitchen clean. Aside from the occasional dirty dishes pile up, this kitchen cleaning checklist has helped me keep my kitchen clean and organized with a family of seven!

Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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I have found that doing everything in this order has worked really well for me and after several days of my daily kitchen cleaning schedule, I began to memorize it and I can work really quickly and efficiently now.

Start by emptying the dishwasher from the day before. I like to run my dishwasher after dinner in the evening so the dishes that were used throughout the day are clean and ready for use the next day.

Prewash and load the dishwasher. You can read about my dishwashing tips here.

Next, I do a quick wipe down of hard surfaces.  I use a multi-purpose cleaner and the NEW Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels for the quick wipe down. I spray the multi-purpose cleaner on all hard surfaces and work my way from the top of the kitchen down to the floors. I work from the top down so anything that gets wiped off can just fall to the floor and then I’ll clean the floors last. (TIP: Scroll on for how you can get Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels for a major deal!)

Next are the upper cabinets, floating shelves and fridge (they’re the highest surfaces in our kitchen.) I wipe down, around and inside the sink, backsplash and countertops, lower appliances and lower cabinets.

Every morning my automatic vacuum starts vacuuming/sweeping the floors throughout the main level of our home. It usually tackles the kitchen while I’m working in there so I try to stay out of her way. Side note – we named our automatic vacuum “Alice” after the housekeeper from The Brady Bunch. She was the best! After Alice gets any crumbs, dirt, etc. off of the floors, I spot clean the tile. I use my same multi-purpose cleaner on our floors and Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels to “spot clean” the floors.

I keep this cute paper towel holder right by our sink so there are always Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels on-hand to clean up after cooking throughout the day. We use them so often and for so many things in our home. The Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels are our favorite!

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