How to: Make a Halloween Christmas Tree

Having a Halloween Christmas Tree can really put your Halloween Decorations over the top. Making a Halloween tree is quick and easy and can be done in less than one hour. Try it out!

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We have partnered with JOANN to do this fun Halloween tree but all opinions are my own.

Have you ever thought to do a Christmas tree for Halloween? Doing a Halloween Christmas tree looks difficult and over the top, but you can do your own Halloween tree with only a few items. I want to show you my easy tips on how to do your very own Halloween tree. Here is how:

Halloween Christmas Tree

  1. Get the materials!

    All of the decorations I got were from JOANN. Pick out fun Halloween decorations that would look good on a tree and lay everything out!

  2. Start with the ribbon.

    Twist the ribbon or mesh and start to wrap it around the tree until it is filled in all the gaps.

  3. Add the bigger items.

    Start by adding the biggest items first and spread them out evenly throughout the tree.

  4. Add filler pieces.

    Add the remaining decor in the gaps and fill the entire space.

  5. Finish the top!

    Using a spooky branch makes for the perfect topper on a Halloween Christmas tree! Add to the top and make sure it is secure.

Halloween Tree Materials:

  • All Halloween materials can be found HERE!

Step 1:

Lay out all of your Halloween decor into piles of like-size items. I purchased all of the items from JOANN and got variety of different items so that it would look unique from all sides. I put the mesh and the ribbon in it’s own pile as well.

Step 2: Start with the mesh or the ribbon.

I used two rolls of the black and white ribbon on a 7-foot tree. When I am adding mesh or ribbon to the tree, I like to twist it so that the mesh would have a bit more texture. I also like to tuck the ribbon into several different spots. It will create a bubble effect as you tuck it toward the center of the tree. I worked the mesh around the tree to create each bubble. This will look a bit odd but once you start to add in other items you will see how good the bubble look will look once other pieces are on.

Step 3: Add in the big items.

I like to use a few oversized items instead of using a ton of small pieces which is why I like to lay everything out with like sized items. This way you see which items to use in each area. You want to space out your larger items as you go. When I add in the bigger items, I use the tree branches to help secure the items onto the tree. If you have really big items, you may need to use wire to attach to the Halloween Christmas tree. With my Halloween tree, I just secured the Halloween decor items with the tree branches.

I love these five items because all of them are a great size and they all look really different.

Step 4: Add in the filler pieces.

After the oversized items were all added in, it was time to add some of the filler pieces into the Halloween tree. I love these little skull ornaments! They are so cute and the perfect filler item for the Halloween tree.

Step 5: Add branches and sprays to the top.

I like to add texture and bit more height to the Halloween Christmas tree or any tree for that matter. For this tree, I used five of the candy corn sprays. I love that these branches have a bit of color and have great texture to them. Next, I just stuck the spray into the top of the tree.  I was able to just shove the spray into the top and it was wedged in really good, so I did not have to wire it on and also added an owl. I love that the owl is perfectly perched on the top of the Halloween tree!

Now your cute Halloween tree is done! It looks like you spent hours decorating for Halloween and really you finished the Halloween decor in under an hour by doing this cute Halloween tree! It is so fun to make and makes a big impact! You can place it near your front door for trick-or-treaters to see or you can find a cute little corner of your home to put it in!

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