DIY Make Burlap Curtains with Ruffles

Tutorial for Burlap Curtain with Ruffles

A few months back I was on the search for some
 Burlap Curtains for my sister,
I went to a great little store called 
Found in downtown Mesa..
I fell in love with the curtains I found there…
 but they were VERY pricey
So, I thought I could just make some!
My sister Scarlett bought the burlap at Joanns for great deal, and
I had some very cheap cream fabric left over from a 
different project and I thought the cream fabric would help make the curtains really stand out!
1. I cut the cream fabric into strips
 2. Put my ruffler foot on my machine  
( I found it on Amazon… 
it was very affordable… and I LOVE it! )
 3. Put my fabric through the machine, 
and let the ruffler foot work its magic!
4. After all the strips of fabric were ruffled 
I pinned the ruffle onto the burlap.
5. Then I simply sewed on the ruffles with a straight stitch!

I LOVE how these curtains turned out!!!!

I did riffle to extra piece of cream fabric so my sister could tie back the curtains if she wanted to… These curtains were easy, and cheap!
Those are the crafty I LOVE doing!

What do you think?

If you have any questions please email me at

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  1. I like the combination of the more rustic burlap and the more delicate ruffles. Great job.


  2. Love the ruffles on the curtain, it does look easy and turns our fantastic. I don’t have a ruffler foot – maybe I should think about getting ont. Great project! I’m so glad I found your blog!

  3. As a complete beginner in sewing, I’ve never even heard of a ruffling foot. It will be going on my wish list now! Great project!

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