MixHers Review | Is It Really All That Great?

Call me crazy, but I don’t like carbonated drinks. (I’ll drink Diet Pepsi from time to time, but even those I prefer flat!) I live right next to a soda shop and when I get a drink, I like to let it sit for as long as possible so I can enjoy it with less bubbles. It’s strange, I know! Bubbly water? Not for me!

My friends were loving and posting about MixHers drink mixes, so I knew I had to try it. They’re simple, delicious, and healthy – the perfect combination! Check out my full review and favorite flavors, and then use my code “SAVANNAH” at checkout for a discount!

I love to store my favorite drink mixes all in one place! You can see how I organized my drink station right here.

Why I Love MixHers Drink Mixes

Like I said, soda and other carbonated drinks aren’t really my thing. But I love a good ol’ flavored ice water, so I tend to opt for drink mixes. I have used other drink mixes with high sugar in the past, but I know it’s not great for my health.

I fell in love with MixHers after reading about their story and the benefits of each blend. It was created by a mom who wanted to ease her period symptoms naturally. That’s a mission I can get behind! 

These days, I keep a variety of MixHers blends at my trusty ice water station. I switch up the flavors and blends depending on what I need that day!

My Favorite MixHer Blends


You probably already know that electrolytes help you stay hydrated. But most electrolyte drinks on the market are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners. That’s why I love the Herhydration™ blend so much! It packs the electrolyte punch of a sports drink without the added sugar and calories. Plus, I think it tastes better! 

mixhers review


I love veggies, but let’s be real, it’s hard to get them in every day. For those days when my veggies look less like a salad and more like french fries, I mix up a glass of Mixher’s Hergreens™ blend. It’s full of different types of greens to give you a good mix of vitamins and minerals. And the best part? Unlike some other green drinks out there, it tastes nothing like greens! All the vitamins, none of the grassy taste.  

mixhers review

Hertime™ Daily

This is by far my favorite MixHers blend! Hertime™ Daily is a daily drink mix to help balance your hormones and ease symptoms of hormone imbalance, like bloating, cramps, and low energy. I drink it every day, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference! My period symptoms are much less severe, and I feel more energized all month long. If you order it yourself, be sure to try the Peach Passion flavor. It’s my favorite!

mixhers review

Want to try MixHers for yourself?

Visit their website, explore the different blends, and then use my code “SAVANNAH” at checkout for a discount! And for more of my favorite products, check out these posts…

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