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There is nothing I love more than a fresh manicure. It makes me feel polished, professional, and even more confident to approach life head-on. That being said, being a busy mom and business owner makes it difficult to take the time out of my day to sit down in a nail salon. Manicures take a toll on my wallet too! Enter: Red Aspen Nails.

I’ve been on the hunt to find the best at-home remedy to get salon quality results in my own time. Trust me, I’ve tried it all with too many failed horror stories to count. Finally, I decided to give Red Aspen Nail Dashes a try. Today on the blog, I’m going over the pros and cons of these viral press-on nails and give my final say on if it’s finally time to ditch the salon!

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Red Aspen Nail Dashes: The Rundown

I first heard about Red Aspen nails through a friend. It’s true – I “swiped up” years ago and haven’t looked back. I used to love the press-on nails you could get at any drug store and I thought they worked pretty well. They would stay on for a few days, but inevitably, I would need to glue them back on.

With different shapes, lengths, colors, and even the option to match with your daughters, Red Aspen Nail Dashes provides the manicured look with a pop of expression perfect for everyone. 

Red Aspen Nail Dashes

Why I tried Red Aspen Nails:

  •  It creates a completely customizable manicure that is easy to apply
  • A more affordable option to the traditional salon
  • Lasts for two weeks!
  • They come in three lengths – long, medium, and short. I love that I can switch it up based on what I have going on that week. For weeks that are project heavy, I love having short nails.
  • I have two pre-teens that are obsessed with all things nails. They were really wanting to try them as well!

Where Can You Buy Red Aspen Nails?

Red Aspen nails can be purchased online or through a stylist! Because you get such awesome rewards from becoming a stylist, I signed up after I fell in love with the product. Between my girls and I, we were buying a few sets per month and enjoying them so much!

Anyone can become a stylist and start earning their own rewards. If that is something you’re interested in, you can do that right there!

How Much Do They Cost?

Each set of nail dashes cost $13-$15. Remember, you can typically use each set more than once – I do!

What Size Should I Get?

You can order any length you feel comfortable with – long, medium, or short. The “petite” nails are for younger kids. My pre-teen girls wear short nails. The petite size did not fit them, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Red Aspen Nail Dashes

How to Apply Red Aspen Nails:

Right off the bat, I loved the packaging!

The application directions on the back had a thorough guide to every step of the manicure, including using vinegar as an alternative to nail polish remover for prepping the nail! Although I stuck to my traditional acetone, I thought it was a nice touch for anyone without polish remover on hand.

The kit included a two-sided nail file and an orange stick (loved this added touch). I gently pushed my cuticles back and using a soft touch, buffed my nails. Finally, I used the previously stated acetone to remove any oils and my nails were ready!

On the box, Red Aspen Nails have three different options for the amount of glue necessary for your desired wait time. Being the type to constantly use my hands, I decided to go for the extended wear option, putting a dot of glue on my nail itself and a thin layer to the press-on. At this point, there is a slight learning curve.

Typical nail glue seems to be a little thinner than the one in the kit, so it took several attempts on a paper towel to figure out how to place the right amount onto the nail. Nevertheless, all went well and the first nail was applied to my thumb. Instantly I could tell these nails were of high quality.

The press-on nails we are all used to (i.e. the drugstore nails I bought) never seem to go down far enough on either side of the nail, thus popping off an hour later. Not Red Aspen Nail Dashes- they sat snug on either side! It felt like the same little bit of pressure on the nail itself when the salon does them professionally. 

The rest of the application was a breeze, taking me twenty minutes from start to finish!

Red Aspen Nails

The Good: What I Liked

  • Application: Such a simple process from start to finish
  • Fit: Each nail sat snuggly to the finger it was on
  • Glue: It did not have that intense fragrance (we all know what I mean)
  • Options: There are so many different options that cater to everyone
  • Clean up: NONE!
  • Reusable: Each nail set can be worn multiple times, eventually saving you money
  • They are super affordable at only $15 per set!

The Cons: What I Wish Was Different

  • Availability: Requires time to plan ahead to order either through the website. It would be such a game-changer if they were readily available at any store!
Red Aspen Nails

Red Aspen: My Final Thoughts

I truly enjoyed the entire process of Red Aspen Nail Dashes. It was quite impressive how the size of each nail was so spot on, providing a secure manicure for over a week. The packaging itself is what sets them apart from everyone else on the market as it was thoughtful of every single detail.

I’ve been using them for almost 2 years now and my nails are still in great shape. I find that with acrylics or dip, it wears down my natural nails over time. I love that I have a cheaper, safer solution to cute nails!

If you are looking to start getting professional manicures at-home, give Red Aspen Nail Dashes a try!

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