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  • Pool Fences in Arizona: Do You Really Need One? (Hint: Yes, you do!)

    There is nothing quite like beating the hot heat in the summertime with a dip in the pool. When we were buying our home a few years ago, one of our top priorities was a backyard fit for entertaining our huge family- with a pool being the star of the show! As soon as the house officially became ours, my first mission was installing a pool fence. I know it’s not the most glamorous project, but peace of mind is worth more to me than any design eyesore. Today on the blog, I’m sharing all about our pool fence, why we have one, and how to change your perspective on this safety must-have, to help you figure out what fencing option will work best for your backyard. Why Is A Pool Fence Important? We all know why having a pool fence is important. In fact, you’re probably reading this right now hoping I have a magical solution for pool safety that doesn’t involve a pool fence. Friend, I wish I did! I wish there was a way to protect little…

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  • Blackstone Griddle Review | What We REALLY Think (& Tips For Cleaning It!)

    Let’s take a look at the famous Blackstone Griddle and see what my family of 6 thinks! When my husband Kyle and I aren’t working on remodeling projects, you can find us outside by the pool with our kids. We love unwinding at the end of the day. But when it comes to making supper, sometimes we just don’t want to have to go inside, stand over a hot stove, and generally heat up the house in the middle of summer. I’m sweating just thinking about it! Plus, does anyone else get nauseous by the smell of food lingering in the house? Just me? Last year I shared that a Blackstone griddle would be a great idea for your hubs or any beloved man in your life in my post Gift Guide for Men! | 2021 Walmart Gift Guide. Well, I ended up giving Kyle a Blackstone Griddle station with accessories last Christmas (lucky guy he is!). But actually, we all love it. Keep reading for my full review of the newest addition to our backyard. Before we dive in,…

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  • DIY Wire Trellis

    Wire trellis can do wonders to your house and the best part is that this DIY project is super easy! Check it out! I am so excited to share my DIY wire trellis with you today! These have been a part of my vision for the front of my house since we bought it! And this exterior has come a LONG way! Check out how the to exterior has progressed! We Painted The Exterior! Our New Door and Stunning Hardware Before After Kyle and I installed these ourselves and with a quick tutorial, it will be totally doable for you too! Please keep in mind that these take many months to flourish and ours are still in the beginning stages! Just more to look forward to! Materials for a Wire Trellis Chalk line Ladder Marker Hammer Drill Bit Hammer Drill Tape Measure Turnbuckle ( we used 10 of these) – Anchors ( we used about 25 of these, you need them if drilling into stucco, masonry, stone, concrete if you are drilling into wood you don’t need anchors- just use…

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