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  • DIY Wire Trellis

    I am so excited to share my DIY wire trellis with you today! These have been a part of my vision for the front of my house since we bought it! And this exterior has come a LONG way! Check out how to exterior has progressed! We Painted The Exterior! Our New Door and Stunning Hardware Before Kyle and I installed these ourselves and with tutorial, it will be totally doable for you too! Please keep in mind that these take many months to flourish and ours are still in the beginning stages! Just more to look forward to! Materials for a Wire Trellis Chalk line Ladder Marker Hammer Drill Bit Hammer Drill Tape Measure Turnbuckle ( we used 10 of these) – Anchors ( we used about 25 of these, you need them if drilling into stucco, masonry, stone, concrete if you are drilling into wood you don’t need anchors- just use a wood drill bit slightly smaller then the eye screw)- Eye Screws– how many you need will depend on how big your space is Nose Pliers Swaging…

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