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Pool Fences in Arizona: Do You Really Need One? (Hint: Yes, you do!)

There is nothing quite like beating the hot heat in the summertime with a dip in the pool. When we were buying our home a few years ago, one of our top priorities was a backyard fit for entertaining our huge family- with a pool being the star of the show!

As soon as the house officially became ours, my first mission was installing a pool fence. I know it’s not the most glamorous project, but peace of mind is worth more to me than any design eyesore.

Today on the blog, I’m sharing all about our pool fence, why we have one, and how to change your perspective on this safety must-have, to help you figure out what fencing option will work best for your backyard.

Why Is A Pool Fence Important?

We all know why having a pool fence is important. In fact, you’re probably reading this right now hoping I have a magical solution for pool safety that doesn’t involve a pool fence. Friend, I wish I did! I wish there was a way to protect little ones from the pool without a fence that tends to be an eyesore. I get it. I really do!

Rather than dwell in this mindset, think of it as the perfect opportunity for a more positive outlook. Having a pool fence provides so much peace of mind for me, my friends and my family. We all know that kids can play safely at our house because getting into the pool unattended is not an option at my house.

If you’re considering a pool fence, I highly recommend it. It’s the #1 investment I’ve made into our home and to our family’s future.

What Pool Fence Did We Install?

We decided on a black iron fence- a more cost-effective option that is incredibly sturdy during all weather seasons. Plus, I love modern feel black iron brings to our backyard.

Installed before we even moved in, the design of our backyard was my only focus. Check out the phases here:

It feels important to mention this is a permanent pool fence I don’t see us removing for the foreseeable future. There is no lack of loved ones coming to spend time at our house, so the extra safety makes me feel confident that it’s a safe and beautiful space for everyone.

This is a rendering of our backyard! You can see that pool fence surrounds the entire pool, but leaves lots of room to enjoy the rest of the space.

Other Fencing Options:

Nowadays, there are a ton of options of pool fences available that fit the needs of every family, climate, pool size, and backyard aesthetic.

While I do whole-heartedly recommend black iron, here are a few we considered:

  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Mesh
  • Wood

I’ve been seeing these amazing automatic pool covers on Instagram that cover the pool with the push of a button. They can sustain the weight of a few people and have other great safety features! I think this is the nicest looking option, however, it’s not as fool-proof as the iron fence. There is always a chance that someone doesn’t remember to cover the pool or that it doesn’t cover properly. Depending on the ages of your kids – this could be something to explore!

The Best Of Both Worlds

With so much fun to be had with all your loved ones, I wish you a carefree and happy summer full of memories surrounding pooltime fun!

If you have any thoughts on what pool fence you believe is best, please let me know in the comments!

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