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Superhero Boys Room Revamp

Love this cute, modern Superhero Room! Click for more!Remember a few years ago, when I live in Buffalo, I made my kids an epic modern superhero room? Well, we moved and had to reconfigure the room and I thought it would be fun to show you the few changes. Their room in New York was a loft bedroom and it was HUGE. Like the upstairs loft bedroom was the same square footage as the entire downstairs of our house. We had 3 kids sharing the room and still had a TON of room for playing, dancing and being crazy boys. Now we have a typical size kid’s bedroom and our older 2 kids sharing this room and it’s been great! We stacked the beds (they can be used either way!) Cool, right? Also, before anyone wigs out, the top bunk has a rail but I took it off for photos because you couldn’t see his cute bed on the top bunk and the the rail thing is super ugly. Blah, blah, blah. 😉Love this cute, modern Superhero Room! Click for more!The cute modern superhero pillows are from GEEK and the CHIC and the quilt is from dear friend Kerri from KB Cute.Love this cute, modern Superhero Room! Click for more!The nightstand is from Ikea (they’re on Amazon too!) but comes in raw wood and I painted it white and green and did cute brushed nickel knobs.  I got the cute batman bank on Target.Love this cute, modern Superhero Room! Click for more!

I made these cute vinyl skyscrapers with my Silhouette CAMEO and black vinyl. I’ll be sharing the tutorial for the Lego table really soon!

Batman Wall Decals

I also added these cute batman mask decals (for sale in my Etsy shop) behind the boys tv stand.

Love this cute, modern Superhero Room! Click for more!

2016-04-02 18.38.10

I recently add this superhero print and you can get the print at Classy Clutter Print Co. on Etsy.

I’m super excited how this Superhero Room turned out and it just feels like their room. This is the only room I didn’t change when we moved because I couldn’t bear to get rid of any of the furniture or anything. I did replace the rug since it was pretty worn. Good thing Ikea has fantastic prices on rugs! What do you think!? I really love it!


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  1. This is such a grown-up boys room! I have seen many superhero rooms that look so “toddler”, but this room can easily grown with the kiddos! I love the inspiration and the Batman decals are just adorable.

  2. Beautiful!
    I like the way things are subtle and blend into each other. I feel that gives the kids time to think without blaring a motif into their minds.

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