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Modern Ranch Reno: Living Room Flooring Part 1

Finding the right flooring can be really challenging. In the Modern Ranch Reno I struggled because I wanted to keep the existing wood floor that was already throughout a good amount of the house. I have loved the wood looking tile but because of the real wood in my house I knew it would not be an option for me to get the look I wanted to get. I looked into other flooring options and to do that I went to Floor and Decor to see what options I had. I talk more about my visit and how I picked my flooring HERE. This is our Living Room Flooring Part 1.

Before we even started to lay the flooring we had to do a lot of work first. Then after it was all ripped out then we had a few decisions to make.

We were not going to fill in the formal living room at first and then after the tile came out and we realized that the steps all around the formal living room would not be the look that we wanted to if it stayed the way it was we decided to fill in the formal living room and make it all one level. I am so glad we decided to do that.

Here is what we did:

It was A LOT of work for my husband and he called in all the favors and had some of his friends come over and help him put all the dirt in.

We filled most of the living room in with base AB dirt, (consult with a aggregrate company about what the proper base and compaction rate would you need if you are going to do this)

then doweled the existing concrete with #4 steel rebar and then we poured a 4 inch concrete slab.


Here is a video on how the process went….

I am going to share Modern Ranch Reno: Flooring Part 2 later this week so Stay Tuned!

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