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Prescott View Home Reno: That one time I opened a huge can of worms and removed a wall in our house

Friends! Today, I’m going to share the single most life-changing thing we did to renovate our house. It was literally THE first thing I wanted to change when we bought our house back in June. I walked in for the first time and right away mentioned to my husband and realtor that we needed to remove that wall if we bought it. I desperately wanted an open floor plan and this home was begging to be opened up! Before we did this, I had NO idea how to remove a wall but I couldn’t wait to do it! You know when you watch Chip & Jo on #demoday and you just want to take our all your aggression on some drywall? Yep. That was me!

This change would cause a huge ripple effect of changes for our home’s layout. If we remove the wall, we might as well redo the fireplace. We’ll also have to replace the flooring (already part of the plan) but if we are going to change the flooring, we have to rearrange the cabinets in the kitchen. Remember when I talked about that here, saving us over $8000. I’m a genius, you guys. I don’t know what to tell you! haha!

After confirming that it wasn’t a load baring wall, I took my sledge hammer and started removing the drywall. No going back now.

Look at that light pouring in! YAY!

We also removed all of the brick from the fireplace and got it down to the sheetrock and framing.

While the wall was opened up from behind, my husband moved all of the electrical and installed a recessed outlet above the fireplace to allow us to hang the tv there eventually.

We removed the flooring and had to rent a dumpster for all of our demo garbage.

We hung the new drywall and it sat for about a month before we got around to doing the tape and texture. We had quotes from between $750-$4500 just to tape and texture (Isn’t that a huge price range?!) and it was so frustrating trying to find someone who could come out and do it while we lived there. Not sure if that’s the norm but it sure was a headache. Turns out the wall wasn’t flush from the living room to the kitchen when we removed the separating wall so we had to float the wall with mud and eventually textured it ourselves.

After demo-ing all the things and rearranging the kitchen cabinets, I give you… the worst interior photo on the internet. LOL! But really! It’s SO open!!! YAY!!!

I’ll share the flooring and fireplace reveals and tutorials soon but here’s a sneak peek of the progress which you may have already seen on Instagram! Make sure to follow #mallorysprescottviewhome on our Instagram account (@classyclutter) for sneak peeks and reveals before they go up on the blog! 


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  1. this is really random….and totally not the point of this post…but where did you get those cute sandals from the reveal pic of your two flooring types? thanks!

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