Modern Ranch House: Backyard phase 2- Painted Playset and New Pool Umbrellas

It has been awhile since I shared an update on my backyard. The backyard has been a work in progress for awhile. If you want to see the very very beginning of the backyard transformation you can see the before pictures and details of the plan HERE, Our concrete path HERE, and how to install pavers HERE and now here we are. We still have a few more things we want to do in the backyard but we are loving every single part of it right now.

Painted Playset

We got our kids this Playset for Christmas. Don’t be like us and start the set up on Christmas Eve, that was not our best idea. And it really does take as long as the package says it will take to set up. HAHAHA. We got our play set at Costco. You can find it HERE. When we bought the playset we knew that we would paint it to match the house, you can see our paint colors HERE. When our painter came to paint our ceiling in the house he asked us while the team waited for the first coat to dry did we need something around the house painted and I right away said “YES” the playset needs to be painted. I had planned to paint it myself like Mallory had painted her playset but I could not pass up on the offer from our painter and his team did it for us and I was so happy he did. It ended up taking way longer then he thought it would and it took like 4 coats to paint. It’s hard painting anything white but I really do love how it turned out.

Painted Fence

We painted the back fence to match the rest of our house. You can see all what the house looked like before we painted on this post HERE. The paint we used was Behr White Flat Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint. I love how it turned out and I love how the tree look so good against the bright white wall.



Tree lined Fence

My dad, David Banks is a landscape designer and he owns the landscaping company called DB Landscape here in Arizona and when he was coming up with my backyard plans he thought the best thing for against the fence was to line it with trees. In the plans at first he had Column Ficus trees along the back fence but I LOVE Column Cypress but they are not cheap. They are about $70 a piece at the Home Depot here in Arizona. I needed 15 trees, so to save a bit of money we went with alternating Column Cypress and Column Ficus (Column Natida) because the ficus were about half the cost. They are spaced 5-6 feet apart and our bed depth from the sidewalk to the back fence is 2 feet. I LOVE how it turned out and as they grow and mature I think they will get better and better with time.

New Pool Umbrellas

Every season I love to change out my pool umbrellas. My love for umbrellas run deep, like I really really love them I had bright yellow umbrellas, you can see them HERE I still love them and I may put them up again at some point but I really wanted something a bit softer for spring and I found these really cute white with black trimmed scalloped umbrella from Target. From the second I saw them I loved them and when I got them they were on sale for $75.

I think they are a fun umbrellas for the spring. Loving them paired with my patio furniture from Home Depot and the pillows from AtHome store.

Black and White Backyard

I love how our backyard has turned out so far. We still have a few more plans to complete the backyard but we really love spending time with friends and family in our backyard.

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    March 26, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    So beautiful!!! This space came together so nicely and just in time for summer!

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    Wow! How beautiful!! Perfect timing for the upcoming summer.

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    Alyssa Griffeth
    December 14, 2020 at 3:45 pm

    Was there a special type of paint you used on the play set?? Water or oil based? And what sheen?

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    February 15, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    So beautiful! I just found your page going down a Pinterest modern ranch wormhole- I’m also in Phoenix and was thinking of painting our cinderblock wall white- How is the reflection/reflected heat? Did you lose many plants last summer (2020) in all the heat? Looks stunning!

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    Wow! What a lovely picture!! The timing is ideal for the forthcoming summer.

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