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Alice In Wonderland Baby Shower | Party Food, Decorations, and More!

Can you believe Sophie is a mom?! Confession time – I’m writing this a few a months late because Sophie and Tate already welcomed their baby girl into the world! She is a total dream. Being an aunt is so much fun and to see Sophie become a mom has been such a special experience for the whole family. We are so, so happy for them and their new addition!!

My mom threw Sophie the most stunning Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower. It was so gorgeous and over the top, I just had to share it with all of you! Helping with the design of this Alice in Wonderland themed party was sooo much fun! It was hosted in my mom’s backyard which is truly the most perfect setting for this theme.

The design of Alice in Wonderland is such a fun take on what imagination can truly be. With such bright colors, whimsical prints, and a garden that seems to come alive- this movie never lacks in theme inspiration.

I was honored to play a part my beautiful sister’s baby shower and cannot wait to walk you through every detail!

Establishing A Theme Through Decorations

Alice In Wonderland Table Settings

We knew we wanted to have the party outside in my parent’s stunning backyard. My dad has owned a landscaping company for many years and has truly perfected their outdoor space. The diamonds on the lawn really added to the decor, don’t you think?

Florals are the easiest way to add a statement to your table. For this Alice in Wonderland themed table, we did an array of colors based on the color palette in the movie. Greenery was a big focus because it makes the biggest impact at the lowest cost. From there, we added in yellow, blue, pink and even a few red florals.

Alice In Wonderland Table Decorations

For a closer look at the table arrangement, you can see that adding height proves to add eye-catching drama. The silver candelabras contrast perfectly with bright flamingos and vintage books, yet every element goes together perfectly.

An Enchanting Front Door

My mom added this mural to her front door and it immediately set the theme for our guests. Such a fun and affordable detail!

The Alice in Wonderland Details

If there is anything my mom and sisters taught me about party planning it’s making sure to pay attention to the details. There are so many you can choose to highlight from the movie! The little nods make the largest impact and bring in elegance.

Sophie and I actually made the floating tea cups together and they were a total hit! To replicate this, you’ll need: a tea set from the thrift store, wire, faux flowers, and styrofoam to act as the base. Just glue everything together and voila!

An Alice in Wonderland Menu

When planning any party, the food menu can be just as fun to represent the theme as the decorations. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Alice’s iconic “Drink Me” and “Eat Me” foods create such a whimsical opportunity to get creative!

Drinks To Get Excited About

Nothing proves quite as crucial to a party as having drinks to compliment the food served. Most people consider drinks an afterthought to decorations, but take it as an opportunity to combine the two! My mom wanted to recreate the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and served teas, infused water, and lemonade for the kids!

Plus, there will never be an opportunity so appropriate to the “Drink Me” vials again- they are just too cute not to.

Food Can Be Themed Too!

My sister selected her dream baby shower menu and filled it with everything she was craving!

My mom is a professional caterer and so gifted when it comes to creating the perfect menu and food arrangements. The food tasted as beautiful as it looked! The menu was typed up, printed in proper Wonderland font, and displayed in a checkerboard frame.

Desserts That Make Alice Jealous

In my opinion, the dessert table is the best way to get the theme across! Being able to put the “Eat Me” words onto the macarons added the most special touch. I found this spread looks best when it is an organized hodge-podge of plates, cake stands, and dessert types – all made by my mom!

Everything ties seamlessly together with the bright colors!

My Final Tips

Alice in Wonderland Party Decorations

There are few times when planning a party you will be able to have such a playful theme, so embrace the cluster of ideas! Through this process, I know you will fall in love with mixing together unique elements that create something beautiful in the end.

I highly recommend looking through what you already own before purchasing anything. Your personal items will bring in the tasteful element and personal touches every party deserves.

If you end up throwing an Alice in Wonderland party, let me know in the comments! And to keep up with all things Classy Clutter, check out my most recent posts:

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