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A DIYer’s Garage Makeover

This garage makeover is a DIY’ers dream come True! Mine anyway! This garage makeover features cute yet durable flooring, storage solutions and even decorating ideas for your own garage makeover.

Organized Garage Makeover

Y’all, I finally got the garage makeover done. I am from Arizona and spent most of my life there, besides 4 years in New York and a month long attempt at summer sales in Houston, Texas that was the actual worst. So, I probably can’t say Y’all but it just came out. Anyway, I am freaking done. My garage looked like what I’ve consider “normal” which means to most us, of our Monica’s closets of our homes. All the random things we likely don’t need or items that don’t “have a home” which is my number one rule of order in my home. After my garage makeover, this habit has been broken and I am so glad to know where my stuff is.

DIY Garage Makeover - Before

Looking at before and after pictures are sometimes misleading. This did not happen overnight or even in the same week. I worked on it for three weeks straight. Every spare moment I had went into fixing up this space that acts as a hub for nearly all of my DIY projects. I’m going to show you exactly how I did it and what works best for me.

I started by removing nearly everything out of my garage and painting all of the walls. I chose Behr Silver Dust. I chose this color because I had a 5 gallon bucket of it and I saved about $100 rather buying a different color. It’s my garage so the white didn’t need to match the inside of my house, right? I needed a lot of paint because I was using my (favorite) large paint sprayer, the Graco X7. You can get one from Home Depot or Amazon. Here’s the deal guys, I painted the garage in less than an hour with this sucker. It is a beast and I love it. Since I was planning on doing the garage floor tiles, I didn’t even have to tape off or mask the concrete floors.

Garage Flooring Ideas

For the floors, I did the main “oversized two car” part of the garage with these garage floor tiles. I chose the grey and white checkered pattern with a grey border. The website I ordered from allowed me to input my measurements on the floor space and design the layout of each tile. I ordered from Garage Flooring Inc. You can get super creative here but the checkers seemed so beautiful and classic to me. The cost for the flooring was around $1200 for a two car garage. Now, some people may argue that flooring in the garage is going overboard but it was worth every single penny to me. I spend a LOT of time in my garage and it really does play a part in every single project. Also, making it beautiful and covering up that 25 year old stained concrete really gave new life to the space and definitely keeps me motivated to keep it clean and organized.

DIY Garage Makeover - Floor TIlesNotice that the step up to the house doesn’t have the same matching flooring. I used Behr DeckOver in Silver Grey for the concrete on the step. It also had a fluorescent yellow step to mark where the step up was and guys, it looked like a parking lot. Which is fine outside at the grocery store but not at my house. I was not a fan. I used Glidden Royal Navy (that I had left over from our old kitchen island makeover) to paint over the yellow step. Ahhhh… so much better!

DIY Garage Makeover - Garage Flooring

Now that we had the bones of the garage makeover clean and fresh looking, I was ready to organize. My favorite part. First, declutter all the things. All of them. I went through every single box, space, shelf, cupboard, pile on the floor, etc. I recycled a crap ton of paper and cardboard and went to the dump more times than I can count. It made me very aware of how much crap I’ve accumulated and that it needed to stop. I am not one for clutter. Ironically, our business is called Classy Clutter and I hate clutter.

Garage Storage solutions

Since I couldn’t get rid of everything, I needed to find functional storage for all of my DIY supplies, out of season items, holiday decor, extra decor, camping gear, tools, memorabilia etc. I got these super strong and sturdy storage shelves from Home Depot to house all of our grey bins (that I still need to label). I got them at Home Depot and they are pretty great. Also, that extension ladder cannot go in any other reachable place because it’s super tall and can’t stand upright in this space so I placed it across the top of the shelves. I also keep our heavy saws and generator on the bottom shelf.

DIY Garage Makeover - shelving

For my DIY supplies and storage containers, I use a variety of bins and a tool chest to store it all. I will do a full post on how I do it and where everything goes soon!

DIY Garage Makeover - Storage

DIY Garage Makeover - Peg Board

DIY Garage Makeover

I am so thrilled with how my garage makeover turned out and I’m so excited to show you how I organize my tools and DIY supplies soon. I’ve got a few more labels to put on then I’ll post about it!

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