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DIY Projects: Patriotic Concrete Planters

DIY Projects: Patriotic Concrete Planters

Hi, Classy Clutter readers… I’ve missed you! We had an early arrival* in the Ciburbanity house so I’m a week late to share this 4th of July project with you! But you still have PLENTY of time to whip this up for the holiday weekend. I never met a concrete project I didn’t like. True story. So for our nation’s birthday, it seemed only fitting to craft a little something with it in honor of the U S of A.

Patriotic Planters for CC

Aside from being sort of heavy to hoist into your shopping cart, working with concrete is super easy. I’ve used it a number of times, and I love the texture and simplicity of this quick-setting version. It’s more expensive than regular ol’ Quikrete, but I’m impatient and it sets in an hour.

planter supplies

Materials needed:
1 box of concrete
2 2.5-quart plastic paint containers
2 1-quart plastic paint containers
Concrete dye
Rocks or other small ‘weights’
Optional: Cooking spray

The ratio for this quick dry concrete is 4 parts concrete to 1 part water. I started with 48 ounces of concrete powder in the larger plastic container and then added 12 ounces of water. Mix THOROUGHLY and add a bit more water if needed… it should be the consistency of pudding.

concrete ratio

concrete mixture

If you’d like, give your inside container a spritz of your cooking spray. Press it into the wet concrete and add enough weights to keep it from floating up. Done.

weigh down center container

I’ve always been curious about dying concrete so I tried two different options for this project. For the red coloring, I just bought this Quikrete concrete dye. Soooooper easy. Add the dye to the water before you mix it in with the concrete. This shade is a little more ‘rust’ than ‘red’ but it works!

red concrete dye

The blue was a trial run with a new product our local Home Depot started carrying: Behr’s concrete dye. Unlike the red dye, this one is painted onto the concrete after it’s set. But… you just select the shade from a modified color card and it’s mixed up just like paint. I painted on just one heavy coat and it absorbed in immediately.

blue concrete

If you plan to use these as a planter, you’ll want to drill a drainage hole in the bottom. You can also smooth out the rim of your planter if you’d like… any rough surface will work: metal file, heavy grit sandpaper, even a flat rock! I like the rough edge so I leave it.

drilling hole in planter

To jazz these lovelies up a bit, I taped off a few simple stripes and went over with a coat of Plutonium white spray paint. I had grand plans to go after each planter with a white paint pen as well, but … the time got away from me. (#blamethebaby)

taped off planters

A tray or two of succulents and this trio can be your Independence Day centerpiece!

red white and blue succulent planter

4th of july planters

concrete planters

red planter

Remember how I said I loved concrete? Check out some of the other projects I’ve made with my favorite material!

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concrete planters

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close up-orb-fountain

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powder room vanity

Do you all have any fun plans for the 4th of July? (Concrete or otherwise!) In the Northeast, we were waterlogged last weekend, so we’re eager for some sun! Bring on the picnics and parades and swimming! Happy Independence Day, everyone!

*Oh yeah… because I can, here’s a peek at our aforementioned early arrival:

ARS date


BIG HUGE CONGRATS to Charlotte and her family! Arthur is precious! Aren’t these planters the cutest?  Make sure you follow Charlotte on her blog Ciburbanity! She is all kinds of awesome!

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  1. These planters look amazing! I’ve never tried working with concrete like this before but it looks like you can do some wonderful things with it!

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