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Painting a Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Reveal-  Tone on tone paint

This post is sponsored by Behr Paint but all opinions are my own as always.

When we decided to refresh our master bedroom, I was really wanting to lighten up the space a bit but also have it feel moody and cozy. Painting the master bedroom was the best decision we made! I have been loving the tone on tone look and I definitely wanted to do that in the space to help accomplish my vision. One of the easiest and most cost effective way to transform a space is paint. That is exactly where I started.

Paint colors

I used the BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Paint because of its one coat coverage and superior durability [JM1] .

For all of the walls I went with the color Plum Taupe N130-4 and for the doors, baseboards, trim and ceiling I went with  color Mystere N130-5, both from the BEHR MARQUEE One-Coat Color Collection.

How to Paint a Master Bedroom

  1. Prepare the walls

    Tape all necessary areas and prep the walls for the spray.

  2. Spray the walls

    Next, spray all the walls with the same color.

  3. Tape the painted walls

    After the spray has fully dried for several hours, tape over the walls to spray the ceiling, baseboards, and doors the other color.

  4. Add the furniture

    Lastly, organize the furniture and add all of the matching decor.

How did you apply the paint?

We have a very detailed accent wall (the tutorial HERE ) and box trim around the whole room (that tutorial HERE) we opted to spray all of the painted areas. We used a Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer.

Where did you start?

Since we were using the paint sprayer for the master bedroom we did have to do a bit more prep work. We started out by masking off the entire floor, windows, etc. Then, we removed air vents, outlet covers, switch covers, lighting fixtures and again masked off anything that we didn’t want paint on. Next, decided not to mask off any base boards, doors, door casing, crown molding, or ceiling. More on why to come. Lastly, we then started to spray  all of the walls with the BEHR MARQUEE Satin Paint in the color Plum Taupe.

Then what?

Since we used a different color on the rest of the painted areas, after the walls were sprayed and dry for several hours, we then we taped off all of the freshly painted walls to paint the ceiling, crown molding, baseboard, doors, and door casing. Then we sprayed the these areas with BEHR MARQUEE Satin Paint in the color Mystere.

Furniture- the bed

The bed is a focal piece of this bedroom. I originally had my eye on some thing different but ended up finding this really cool grand bed on a local classified ad. Although the stain is not what I wanted for this bed, I knew with a little work, and TLC I could make this bed what I wanted! We hired a mobile dustless blasting company to come media blast the bed using walnut shells to remove the poly coat and stain. We opted to use a BEHR® Paint and a little creativity to achieve this look. (More on that later!)


Beddys Is my go to bedding for everything, I went with the cream of the crop Luxe line in minky. If you use code CLASSYCLUTTER you can get a discount.

 Furniture- nightstands

I have had these nightstands for a few years but I definitely wanted to refresh them a bit! I went ahead and painted it the same exact color as the baseboards, ceiling, doors, and door casing. The color is BEHR MARQUEE® in a satin finish in the color Mystere.

Furniture- Sofas

I was really inspired by the color palette that I have in my pillows. The color palette I was drawing from for this entire master bedroom are these Caitlyn Wilson Rose pillows (I was not able to find a link online). I knew I was going to need a new sofa at the foot of my bed because I really wanted a comfortable living space since my bedroom is so long. I found this sofa at IKEA and it has so many different covers for the sofa including a great dark green color.


I wanted a pretty neutral rug and I found that this one it has grey tones and also taupe colors in it which would go perfect with everything else in the space.


The curtains were definitely a splurge for me on the master bedroom but I love how they turned out I got the Pottery Barn Riviera curtains in the sandalwood color. They are also 96 inches and black out curtains. Because they were 96 inches I needed to come up with a solution to take the curtains all the way up to my ceiling and using this curtain divider track was the perfect solution. We bought it in an aluminum color but we ended up spraying it the same exact color as the ceiling which is the BEHR Paint color, Mystere.


  • Chandelier from Z Gallerie- My mom gave this to me, she bought it a few years ago
  • The lamps were from HomeGoods
  • Purple floral stems are from Michaels
  • Tall white vase from At Home
  • Olive tree from At Home
  • Black leather foot stools are from At Home

 Add disclaimer: BEHR MARQUEE® Interior & Exterior Paint & Primer guarantees One-Coat Hide when tinted with colors from the BEHR MARQUEE One-Coat Color Collection, and a selected number of colors from other BEHR® palettes.

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