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Traveling Tips & Must Have Items

I don’t know about you but I am definitely ready to begin traveling again so I put together some of my favorite traveling tips. I did need to get a few new things before my last trip. Walmart has so many great options as far as traveling accessories and traveling must haves. Walmart had so many different options as far as luggage and all your travel needs. If guest are traveling to you and you need to get your house ready for them Walmart Home has you covered. Walmart Home has Bedding, Bath essentials, Mattresses, Small Décor, Storage & Organization and don’t forget the cleaning supplies. All of these items can be found at Walmart. Now, here are some of my travel must have items!

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Luggage Set

When it comes to traveling my first tip is to have a good set of suitcases. I love the champagne colored four piece set. These are all super easy to travel with and I always know with ones are mine! Super nice quality and I recommend checking these out!

Toiletry Bag

When I travel I also like to keep my toiletry separate just in case my luggage happens to get lost or if I want to freshen up after a long flight. I love this toiletry bag because it has great compartments and it also has hooks that I can hang it up with once I get to my destination.

Cords Organizer

One of my other favorite traveling tips is to purchase a separate bag to organize all of your cords in. If you’re anything like me then you have 1 million cords when you travel. I love that this cord organizing case keeps everything neat and tidy. It also makes it way easier to find the chargers I actually need. It’s a great size to also just throw into a purse. Nothing ever gets lost this way and I can keep organized easily!

Packing Cubes

If you are not using packing cubes when you were packing this is a total game changer. It is so nice being able to have all of your tops or your bottoms or your jeans in separate packing cubes. I have also organized my packing cubes based on outfits so I will put my whole outfit together including jewelry and I will stack a few outfits on top of each other and place it in the packing cube. It makes it so nice and easy especially if I’m going to be using a dresser or a piece of furniture wherever I am traveling to. Another thing that I love about these packing cubes is that the set also comes with different size pouches for random things like jewelry or random accessories that you may want to keep separate from your clothes. Definitely one of my favorite traveling tips that you need to try out!

Hosting Tips

If you are hosting a guest here are a few things from Walmart Home that I would definitely get.

I hope you enjoyed my round-up of traveling tips and must have items. These products have all been game changers for when I travel and I will never travel without them again! All of these also make for great gifts if you are shopping for someone who loves traveling.

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