Classy Clutter Shop: Pillow Covers Collection

Our pillows were a labor of love. We created each one with the ultimate Classy Clutter vibe. They come in 3 sizes, 20×0″, 24×24″ and 12×36″. These are high quality pillow covers that are machine washable (do not dry!) and feature a gorgeous gold zipper. We also have 3 different “sets” of pillows that pair really well together!

Classy Clutter pillow covers

Classy Clutter Pillow Covers

The Classy Clutter Signature Collection of pillow covers, encompasses everything that the Classy Clutter brand represents. Bold prints, flirty florals, luxe fabrics, gold zipper and best of all, affordability. These are pillow covers, not filled throw pillows so you have the option of recovering a pillow you already own or you can purchase pillow inserts for them.

Classy Clutter Pillows
Classy Clutter Signature Sofa Combo Set

Pillow Inserts

The pillow inserts can make or break the pillow. An ill fitting, sloppy insert can result in a pretty terrible looking pillow, even when you have the cutest cover ever on it. No one likes a misshaped or floppy pillow sitting on their sofa or bed. That being said, we recommend using faux down or synthetic down pillow inserts for our pillow covers. Aside from the lumbar pillow, we highly suggest sizing up 2″ on your pillow cover.

20×20″ pillow cover needs a 22×22″ pillow insert – purchase the pillow inserts we recommend here

24×24″ pillow cover needs a 26×26″ pillow insert – purchase the pillow inserts we recommend here



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