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  • Travel Trailer Redo: How to paint a travel trailer

    Travel Trailer Redo: How to paint a travel trailer Hey! I am excited to share with you some more details about the travel trailer. Let start from the VERY beginning. The first thing I started with on the trailer was write down every project that I planned on doing and then addressed it in order that it needed to happen. After I wrote everything down I realized that this was going to be a very big undertaking. Number one on my list was to paint the inside of trailer. Our trailer along with a million other trailers have the WORST wallpaper and couch cushions etc. Why do the wallpapers have to be so ugly?!?! I honestly don’t even understand it! Anyways, it all had to go. Then after we addressed the fact that the wallpaper was awful and that all the trim pieces needed to be painted we took out the carpet and it was so nasty and a hot mess. We know the previous owners of the trailer and they were VERY clean people and they kept the trailer…

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  • Fabulous Travel Trailer Redo

    Travel Trailer Redo Finally, I have the before and after pictures of my travel trailer. We loved being able to partner with the Home Depot for this project. We put a lot of energy and time into this trailer and I totally love the outcome. I am so glad it turned out the way I wanted it too! We are excited that we are going camping in it this weekend and it just makes me so happy.  My kids can hardly wait. I am happy our hard work has paid off and will pay off this weekend.     I mean it really did turn out so good. The travel trailer was not in really bad shape it just needed a bit of a facelift and lots of help. Here are some of the before pictures. Yes, they are bad.     I can’t wait to show you these. These are the after pictures and I am in love. It has made such a change in the way the travel trailer looks by giving it some TLC. Here are some…

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  • Michaels Makers Summit + Free Classes just for YOU!

    We are very excited to share that we will be apart of the Michaels Makers this year. This has been something that has been on “Our List” for quite sometime now and we are really excited that this year we will be apart of the Michaels Makers team along with 49 other bloggers. In case you have not seen who else will be a part of the team check out the list HERE. This past weekend was the Michaels Makers Summit and we were able to get together with most of these talented bloggers. The Summit was amazing. The first day we were there we went to an awesome dinner at such a breathtaking place. It was called Long Meadow Ranch Winery & Farmstead. Its in Saint Helena, California on a vineyard and the food was so yummy.  It was such a perfect setting to kick off the weekend. This is our menu from that evening. Everything we had was top notch. They really out did themselves. The set up was perfection. The next day we were in San Helena,…

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