How to: Recover seat cushions

How to: Recover seat cushions
This may be a “duh” kinda tutorial but perhaps there are a few who this might help!  It’s not hard at all once you know how to do it so I thought I would share! This is a no-sew project which opens the door for our no-sew friends.
First, find a chair (or a few) that need help and remove the seat cushions. They are usually screwed to the frame of the chair from underneath. 

Next cut the fabric (I used burlap – $1.99 a yard and timeless!) you are using to size… 

and allow about 3″ extra on each side.
You will want to use a Heavy Duty Staple Gun available at Wal-Mart and other stores for around $15. 

Place your cushion face down on your fabric.  Then you will wrap kinda like a present and staple it against the wood. 
 I stapled about every inch or so. Make sure you keep your fabric pulled tight when you staple.

The corners are a little trickier. There are probably a bazillion ways to do this but you want to wrap the corners like you would wrap a gift box and staple with each fold. Watch your fingers! 🙂

As you can see, it looks a little sloppy underneath but it really DOESN’T matter! That’s what’s wonderful. It’s especially difficult for it to look nice and neat when you’re using burlap. 
Flip your cushion over and TA-DA! 

Finally, you will screw it back onto the chair frame. (Or ask your hunny to do it!)
I really liked how the seats turned out but since I used a very plain fabric, I thought it needed a little something! Check out my tutorial on how to paint designs on burlap here.
Now you know not to pass chairs up because they have yucky fabric! With all of the cute prints and fabrics out there, the sky is the limit!
Send us an email if you try this! We’d love to feature you!

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