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  • How to Decorate a Christmas Tree – Savannah’s Playroom

    Do you struggle with Christmas tree decoration ideas? Do you know how to decorate a Christmas tree? I want to help give you a few different Christmas tree decoration ideas and also show you a few easy steps to how to decorate Christmas Tree. This post is sponsored by At Home. All ideas and opinions are my own, always. There are many different ways to decorate a Christmas Tree. I always decorate the Christmas Tree with the same basic steps, I will share how I decorate a Christmas Tree in just a few easy steps. Before you know it your Christmas tree will look like a professional did it. How to Decorate a Christmas Tree The steps are the same no matter what theme, or color. Here are a few different Christmas Tree Ideas. Step 1: Find the perfect Tree When you are looking for the perfect tree you want to consider the size. You don’t want to get something too big for the space. That means you don’t want it to be to wide or too tall. For my kids…

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  • DIY Scalloped Christmas Table Runner

    This DIY Scalloped Christmas Table Runner is festive, beautiful and easy to make! I made a few of them for our Merry and Bright Holiday Party. A Christmas table runner is a great way to dress up any table. This DIY version is super affordable too! Christmas Table Runner Materials: Festive fabric I got mine at Walmart but this pattern is available at most fabric stores. Any cotton fabric will work. Heat and Bond iron-on interfacing in medium weight Sharp scissors How to make a Christmas Table Runner Cut the interfacing lengthwise. This helps you save The “hot dog” way.  Since I did not need the interfacing on all of the fabric, cutting it allowing the interfacing to go farther.                             2. Next, I ironed the interfacing on. The reason why I used this was so that the fabric would be a bit stiffer, and so the edges would not fray and it makes it so much easier to cut when the interfacing is on the fabric. It basically stiffens the fabric…

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  • Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

    DIY Christmas Tree – Savannah’s Pink Christmas Tree

    I love to decorate Christmas Trees. Over the last few years I have decorated many Christmas Trees. Today I am going to teach you how to do a DIY Christmas Tree. I want to teach you a few simple steps that can help you decorate a Christmas Tree. This post is sponsored by At Home. All ideas and opinions are my own, always. Decorating a Christmas tree can be tricky. I am going to make it really simple and easy for you with just a few simple step. How to decorate a Christmas Tree professionally At Home has the most amazing Christmas Decor. It makes it really easy to do a DIY Christmas Tree. Step 1: Shopping for your Christmas Tree This year I wanted to do a flock Christmas Tree and I wanted to do a 12 foot Christmas tree and I found the perfect one. I got the 12ft Pre-Lit Keyser Flocked Pine Christmas Tree. I love this flocked Christmas Tree it is very full and the it’s a perfect size for this space. Step 2: Shopping for Christmas…

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  • How to decorate a mantel for Christmas

    Christmas is right around the corner and today I’m going to explain how to decorate a mantel for Christmas. Everyone does it a little different and this year, I focused on an elaborate garland to make a statement on my Christmas mantel. This post is sponsored by JOANN. All ideas and opinions are my own, always. Materials to decorate a Holiday Mantel 2 – 9′ Christmas Garlands Sparkly / textured Christmas Garlands – Cedar Pine, Berry, Pinecone Garland, Glitter Fern Garland Variety of floral stems – I used Dahlias and Phalaenopsis Several Holiday Floral Picks – Double Gilded Pinecone Spray Battery operated LED lights – 50ct LED Euro Lights (white on green) Candlesticks (Found on clearance in-store at JOANN) Candles How to decorate a Christmas Mantel Clear off your mantel and give it a good wipe down to remove any dust and to give you a clean slate to work with. I left my round mirror as I wanted to keep it for this year’s Christmas mantel display. Add a 9 foot garland to your mantel. I like to double my…

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  • Kids Christmas Tree

    This is my first year decorating a kids Christmas tree for my boys and we have all LOVED it! It’s really fun to decorate a kids Christmas tree for their bedroom and makes them even more excited for their favorite holiday! This post is sponsored by At Home. All ideas and opinions are my own, always. We are so excited to be participating in the Tree for Every Room campaign with At Home! We have a pretty fool proof method for decorating Christmas trees and this is definitely still true when decorating a kids Christmas Tree. I got this incredible Red Christmas Tree from At Home and my kids and I are obsessed with it! It is so unique and beautiful and it is exactly what we needed to decorate my kids Christmas tree! First, start with your assembled tree and spread out the branches.    Next, add lights! This tree is not pre-lit but even if your tree is pre-lit add more lights! We love to mix large and small bulbs to add interest. I used the White and Red…

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  • DIY Wall Decor

    You can make these cute oversized wood letter that makes the perfect DIY wall decor in just 5 steps and for around $50! For my kids playroom I wanted some fun on the wall for a big statement piece but I did not want to blow the budget on it. I came up with this awesome DIY wall decor and I thought it would perfect. The great thing about this DIY wall decor is that you spell out anything you want and you can also do whatever size you want. Tools and Materials: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Battery Power Kit: BLACK+DECKER Sander: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Jigsaw: Hammer Tape Measure Nails 1/2 inch MDF Paint Paint Roller Step 1: Trace the letters Trace your oversized letters onto 1/2 inch MDF board. Step 2: Use the Jigsaw to cut out the letters Using the Black + Decker jigsaw cut your letters out of the MDF board. Step 3: Sand the edges until smooth Smooth out all the edges with a sander. You can smooth out any mistakes…

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  • How to decorate a Mantel for Christmas

    I feel like as far as Christmas decor goes after the Christmas Tree a Christmas Mantel is next traditional place to decorate for the holidays. I want to give you my opinion on what Christmas mantel decorations are the most important to have. I want to show you how to decorate a mantel for Christmas. Decorating for the holidays is so much fun but sometimes the decoration don’t turn out exactly how you planned. I want to give you a few tips on how I to decorate a mantel for Christmas. I also want to tell you how I choose my Christmas Mantel decorations. Christmas Mantel Decorations I am so excited to finally show everyone my Christmas mantel this year. I am loving it soooooo much!! Tip 1- Have a Focal Point When it comes to Christmas mantel decorations I like to have a “star of the show” that many be candlesticks, a sled, a Santa Claus, a Christmas sign or something like that to be your show stopper pieces or a focal point. For my focal point I found…

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  • How to declutter your home in just one hour

    If you’ve got an hour to spare, it’s time to cut The Clutter! Learn how to declutter your home in just one hour. I am a huge advocate of donating, throwing away and consolidating. I do not like to hold onto things I don’t love and it makes me crazy to see piles around my house. Not that I don’t have them, I just don’t like them! 🙂 Here are 5 ways for you to spend the next hour cutting the clutter in your home! Set a timer and spend about 20 minutes on each step. How to declutter your home Closets: Take a quick look around the closet and ask yourself “What belongs in this closet?” Really think about how that closet should function in your home. Is it a coat closet? Master Closet? What should be in there? Is it your kid’s closet? Do toys go in there? School papers? What caused it to be cluttered? Pull out EVERYTHING that does not belong in there for its ideal use. Just because you don’t have anywhere else to put it,…

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  • Easy DIY Home Tool Kit

    This easy DIY Home Tool Kit will help you to keep your most-often used tools handy and keep your home organized while you’re working on projects or just quick home repairs! Home Tool Kit Video This post is sponsored by Black+Decker. All opinions are our own, always. Creating a Home Tool Kit is crucial to have around if you’re a DIYer, homeowner and even smart for renters. We keep a variety of tools in this kit and keep it in my hall closet along with other household items. You can create your own home tool kit in 3 easy steps. How to create a DIY Home Tool Kit Grab a sturdy bin and find an easily accessible place for it to go once you’re done. Load it up with your favorite, most often used tools and household items. We suggest: BLACK+DECKER LDX120 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Project Kit Hot glue gun and glue sticks Assorted hardware set (including: thumbtacks, nails, etc) Attach a label to your bin – You can get our household label set from our Classy Clutter…

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  • Red Christmas Tree Ideas

    Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas – Christmas Tree Ideas

    This time of year, we are all in search of Christmas Tree Decoration ideas and if you’re anything like me, you want a gorgeous tree without a ton of work, planning or headache. We have put together our favorite Christmas Tree Decoration ideas to get you started and make sure you are ready to tackle this year’s tree, like a pro! Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Savannah’s Pink Christmas Tree Pastel Pink Christmas Tree (Savannah’s Tree – 2017) Pink and Gold Christmas Tree (2015) Green and Gold Christmas Tree (Savannah’s Tree 2017) Let it Snow Tree I love that it has a airy feel to it. Black, White and Silver Tree classic colors that will never go out of style Let it Snow love all the glitter in this tree   Peace on Earth Tree, I am a sucker for the gold…. and I always love Mallory’s House Rustic Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Rustic Woodland Tree, I love the rustic but also the white pops adds a fun element Happy Holidays Tree, I love the woodsy feel of this…

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  • Flocked Christmas Tree with Pink and Gold Accents

    This post is sponsored by JOANN. All opinions and ideas are our own. Do you need some White Christmas tree ideas? I have always wanted a flocked Christmas tree and this year I did a flocked Christmas tree with pale pink accents. I want to share all the details on how I did this White Christmas tree. I love having a flocked Christmas tree. This is the first time I have ever had one. I wanted to share my white Christmas tree ideas. When I was shopping for items to go onto my tree I kept my color scheme in mind and I went to JOANN and I found the most amazing stuff. Tips when buying Materials for a White Christmas tree I like to buy my ornaments and spray/picks in odd numbers. I normally get 5 of each item. Here is a list of everything I used to decorate my flocked Christmas tree. Materials: Blooming Holiday Christmas 21” Glitter Leaf Spray-Champagne Blooming Holiday Christmas Standing Deer with Fur Hoofs-White Maker’s Holiday Christmas Holiday Charm 33 pk Shatterproof Ornaments Maker’s…

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  • Modern Ranch House: Hallway Gallery Wall

    Do you have a hard time not knowing what to do on your gallery wall? Do you do artwork or photos on a gallery wall? At my house I have a little hallway that leads to my master bedroom and also my babies room. I was a bit unsure what I should do down the hallway.  Then I decided that a simple gallery wall is exactly what the wall needed. I did not want it to be crazy so I decided an oversized gallery wall would be great. My mom as Mother’s day gift to me had pictures of my kids taken by the amazing Abbie Martinsen. They turned out so cute and knew they would be perfect for that space. This is what the hallway looked like when we bought the house. It has come a very long way since this picture. I still can’t this is what it looked like. Now lets talk about how we transformed this space. Photo Shoot It was great because the photo shoot was very simple. I first had all my kids wear…

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  • Easy Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

    Homemade Jewelry Cleaner is easy to make and uses ingredients and materials you already have on hand. This method works great with tarnished real and costume jewelry. As always, take extra care when cleaning precious metals and stones with any homemade jewelry cleaner. Okay… so I was unpacking and going through some of my jewelry … AND…. I found that all of my inexpensive jewelry that has been sitting in my jewelry box was tarnished and yucky and dirty! I forgot I even had some of it! So… I began a search for some kind of homemade jewelry cleaner so I didn’t have to go buy some! I stumbled upon this jewelry cleaner recipe using only boiling water and baking soda so I thought WTH I’ll try it…. AND…. It was like magic! Even my yucky, tarnished CTR ring that I LOVE was Sparkly clean and looked brand new! It made me very happy so I thought I’d share my find! Here’s the recipe below! Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Instructions: 1. Line a glass bowl with aluminum foil, shiny side facing outward. 2. Place the…

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