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Anthropologie Mirror: My Thoughts After Seeing It In Person

The Anthropologie mirror is a big trend right now – and for good reason! It is a stunning piece to have in your home that really makes a statement. The vintage look makes it feel like it has been in your family for generations.

When the furniture layout is perfected and the lighting is just right, in my home, there is still something missing – the walls! While it’s nice to have a place for your eye to rest, I want the walls of my home to be lined with art, photos, and mirrors.

Mirrors are truly magic! They open up a room and an interesting element. They can make a small space feel twice the size just be intentionally placing the reflection. You’ll find them throughout #savannahsmodernranchhouse and today – I’m going to share about my favorite mirrors and where I find them!

Where to find great mirrors just like Anthropologie:

  1. Thrifting
  2. Arhaus
  3. At Home
  4. HomeGoods
  5. Target

This oversized mirror on my mantle was thrifted years ago! It is one of my favorite decor pieces in my home. The placement above the mantle makes the room feel so much larger since you can see the reflection from everywhere in the room.

How to Choose The Right Mirror

I love that there are so many options for mirrors these days! Depending on the style of your home, you’ll want to choose a mirror that enhances the design of your room. A mirror of a different style can also create some balance, so you just need to go with your gut on what your room needs.

  • Wood mirrors give a rustic, antique feel – especially if it is with aged wood. Depending on the color of the wood, it will either warm up the space or add a modern twist the wood is stained to a grey color.
  • Gold mirrors are very glam! I think they add a nice feminine element. Your mirror will either be a bright gold which looks new and modern. If you choose a mirror like the one from Anthropologie, it is more of an aged gold that intentionally looks several years old. I love that look!
  • Black mirrors are typically modern. Whether they are matte or have more shine, a black mirror will incorporate a modern element into your space.

Anthropologie Mirror Review

I am still in love with this popular mirror from Anthropologie that we used in my sister Scarlett’s house! We wrote a whole blog post about her living room which you can find here. It looks even more stunning in person. It is a splurge item for sure, but I know a mirror like this will stay in style for years to come.

This Anthropologie mirror is called the Primrose! It comes in a few different sizes which is great for getting the right size for your space. When it comes to mirrors, I recommend going as big as the room can handle!

The Anthropologie Mirror: Is It Worth it?

Ultimately, that is for you (or your budget to decide!). I think there are some really great options that a bit more affordable to achieve this look. My guess in that in the next year, you will start to see more Anthropologie mirror dupes that are very close to the original. Wayfair jumped on that train early on and it has been sold out for months! That is how you know there is more where that came from!

As far as the quality goes, it is very heavy and substantial. It feels and looks very high quality in person. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you do decide to splurge!

  1. Overstock
  2. Target
  3. Bed Bath & Beyond
  4. Target
  5. Wayfair

I hope this was helpful in finding a mirror to open up and enhance your space! Just a reminder that you don’t need to remodel or tear down any walls to decorate your home. A glam mirror like this one makes my space feel like me – and I love it!

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