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White and Gold Dresser- Master Bedroom PART 1

I recently redid my master bedroom and the biggest thing I did was paint the furniture and add in a new little dresser. Before I show you the whole room reveal I wanted to go through and give you all the steps for painting the furniture that way you can paint some of your own stuff . So First thing was first, Picking out the paint and products needed, I choose to use swiss coffee by Behr.058

How to Paint Furniture | classyclutter.net


Paint makes all the difference! I was dragging my feet about paint my furniture for the longest time and now I wonder why in the world it took me so long. If you have a piece you are going back and forth about painting, Paint it! My bedroom furniture was not cheap and I thought I would regret painting it but honestly it was the best decsion ever! It really lightened up my room.

Almost everything I need to do this project was from Home Depot.

To start I wiped the furniture down with a wet wipe and then I wiped out all the drawers. Then I used my sander with a fine grit (like 150 grit) sand paper to go over the whole piece so that the primer would adhere really good.


I used my all time favorite sprayer which is from Harbor Freight and only cost $30 but is normally on sale for $17. Now, this sprayer is not a sprayer that I use for years and years. I normally will pick up two sprayers and after 7 or 8 different projects I use a new sprayer. I know there are different sprayers that last a lifetime but I have loved this one and I am use to it. And you can’t beat $17.


I was able to paint all the furniture in one day. I started out with spraying all the furniture with Kilz 2 Latex Primer in a gallon and luckily it went through my sprayer totally fine. Then I gave the furniture two coats of the swiss coffee. That color is the perfect creamy white in my opinion. I love it.

Kilz and Swiss Coffee.jpg

My hardware did not come off on the nightstand and so I had to spray a little bit of spray paint onto a paint brush and then just brush it on. On the dresser in the front I took off all of the hardware and sprayed it with our favorite gold spray paint.

Gold Paint

Mal and I both love this gold spray paint. Its a great color.

I am loving my new bedroom and I cant wait to show you the rest!


  • DON’T be afraid to paint a piece a furniture.Maybe, don’t start with a family heirloom, but pick up something cheap from a thrift store first.
  • The more you paint the better you will be.
  • Don’t over think it. When I first started to paint furniture I was over thinking every single thing.You can do it! And you can always repaint something!
  • I like to use semi-gloss or satin finish for my paint.
  • Don’t paint when its really cold or hot outside
  • On high traffic pieces always to a clear coat or poly coat or wax.

If you find these tips useful then please share it! PIN IT!

Tools to use when Painting Furniture.jpg


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Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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  1. I’ve just started painting furniture and I’m a bit frustrated to be honest. Everything I’ve painted so far remains sticky and tacky even after days of letting it dry. I’ve been using a latex paint and I’ve read that this could be my problem. Which type of paint do you use and how long do you let it dry between coats?

    1. We usually use water based latex paint, chalk paint or spray paint on all of our furniture. Oil based takes FOREVER (like overnight in between coats, forever!) to dry! For water based latex, we usually wait an hour or two in between coats. If you paint the next coat too soon it will take up to two weeks for it to feel like it is fully cured and let’s be honest, no one has time for that! Good luck and be sure to let us know if you have questions!

  2. Don’t use latex paint on furniture. It’s meant for drywall. The best paint I’ve found for dressers and such is Sherwin
    Williams Pro-Classic (Acrylic bassed) and Ben Moore Advance. You know how latex paint always stays tacky?? Well the acrylic doesn’t. These paints were formulated for trim (which are wood). Try the SW top of the line pro classic or the Advance. Trust me. You won’t use the Behr again. Although the Behr for homemade chalk paint is, hands down, the best to use!

  3. I’ve also been going back & forth with painting my furniture too .. for about 12 years! Every time I’ve come close to it, I’ve had yet another friend tell me it’s sacrilege …. mainly because it’s all beautifully made & solid ask, rosewood & oak … However, I finally started painting smaller items first … & am so thrilled with it! I can’t wait to start on the large pieces now. 🙂 I’m using a semi-gloss water based enamel based paint .. Taubmans (I live in Oz so not sure if it’s a US brand) … It’s the first time I’ve done any painting & initially I thought that it left a flat finish & brush strokes … but after it had dried overnight … wow … what a difference! 🙂 It’s exactly the finish I wanted! No brush strokes … & I had a plain white tinted so that although it still looks white, it’s not a ‘jump out & bite you’ white ..! It’s great to practice on smaller items that don’t matter if there are mistakes, but fortunately they still came out perfectly! I found that it was a good idea to set the pieces on a ‘lazy Susan’ ..(plates with ball bearings underneath so that they are like a turn-table) as they are easy to turn around without touching the piece I’m painting. I also found that it was well worth giving a light sanding to parts where I’d ended up with not quite perfect painting … like runs/drips, etc. I also added just a tiny amount of water after the first coat on the few items I painted. The paint seemed just a tad thick when I brushed it on .. but the water made it just perfect! However that could have been due to the very warm weather … 32C (approx. 94F) .. & a slight breeze … I’m now kicking myself for not having taken the plunge years ago! I intend to paint inside the drawers & cupboards with a very, very pale lilac … & when I say Very pale, I mean only a hint of it … However I am still uncertain about painting the whole of each piece, so intend to leave the tops the natural timber as it’s an easy fix to paint the tops if I still want to rather than removing it once it’s deep into the grain. I just thought that the contrast might give it all a slight ‘grounding’ … but I’ll make the decision after I’ve painted each of the pieces … & even then, maybe I’ll live with them for a couple of weeks before deciding.
    I’m still uncertain about the fittings for the main living room items as they have black hardware atm .. & I want white with silver accessories … so, not sure whether to spray or use silver rub & buff … or leave it all black. I’m also changing all the drawer hardware to crystal (acrylic) knobs & handles … but not sure if I should change the living room furniture to this as well as the furniture has a slightly ‘heavy’ look to it, but that may change once it’s all white. However I have no doubts about using the pretty ones on my bedroom furniture. 🙂 Also adding some silver leaf gilding to a bedroom chest of drawers … which I think should look pretty with the crystal look knobs. 🙂

    I also have a book-case with glass doors that will also get a coat of white inside, perhaps with a spray/roller lace effect finish using lace as a ‘stencil’ … 🙂 Might even try using silver spray paint for that too.

    Project after that is to paint my antique double bed with half tester, white. Have bought a lacy fabric to just carefully toss over the tester …

    I also saw an idea for ‘gluing’ fabric to the glass on windows … using a cornflour paste (as I rent I need something that can be easily removed when I leave), so … I bought some very pretty lace fabric (same for bed tester) & will be attaching this to my bedroom windows … then just making pretty pelmets .. I really hate curtains, so this is a perfect compromise for me. I’m also going to attach the lace to my plain white barrel drum lampshades & then pin the same window lace to the shades & try spraying with silver paint! Hope that this will leave a very pretty silver lacy effect on the shades … as the lamp bases are glass & silver …

    I’m getting so very excited now that I’ve finally started the painting as it’s the impetus that I needed … I’d been putting off doing anything because I knew that I wanted to paint the furniture first.

    My craft room currently has a large chest of drawers/dresser & closet that I use for my craft items … however I also have a black book-case & a pine book-case in there & have now decided to paint the black one & use it for my craft items as it’s easier to see what I have on open shelving than inside a cupboard. I’ll add a white sheer or lace curtain to the front of one of the book-cases just to keep the room looking pretty, while painting the other one & keeping it open so that I can show off all my beautiful craft & embroidery books as it also has a great storage chest attached to it. The craft room dresser will also receive acrylic knobs…

    Then, it’s going to be a matter of deciding what & where to hang my beautiful paintings! I’m so excited now that I’ve finally started! I moved here over 2 years ago & I’m so excited that I’ll finally be able to have my beautiful artworks around me … 🙂 The it will be starting on the guest room! lol

    Does anyone else get as excited about decorating as I am atm? It all seems such a lot, but now that I’ve started, I can’t conceive of delaying it any longer … & of not getting the whole lot done! 🙂 I’d love any suggestions or comments that you feel like sharing. 🙂

  4. Susprizing ! You can complete all the furniture in one day . The last month , I painted my cabinet but after 2 days, it was completed. I love your black cabinet , it is so nice . Great!

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