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Prescott View Home Reno: Add legs to Ikea couches

Ever wondered how to add legs to ikea couches? …or pretty much any couches or any furniture?  Ever since I bought these Ikea sofas, I wanted to add legs to them to raise them up higher.

Ikea Couches

My Ikea Couches

I have had the Ikea KIVIK for a couple of years now. These Ikea couches are seriously wonderful. They’re comfortable, modern looking and have washable covers. You can’t beat that. Unfortunately, there are not ikea legs to add to them. I searched for some ikea legs to help me raise the height of the Ikea KIVIK to no avail.

In our last house, the low height didn’t bother me but for whatever reason, they felt so bottom heavy and too low for this space. Today I’ll show you a super easy way to add legs to your ikea couches!

Gray Ikea Couches

I loved the set up we had in the space but it really felt heavy and the couches felt so bulky. I found these legs on Amazon and after inspecting the bottom of the Ikea couches, I found that it’d be super easy to raise them up and make them look a bit lighter in this space.

Adding legs to the Ikea KIVIK

How to add legs to ikea couches

First, I removed the Ikea legs that came with the sofa.

Add height to Ikea Sofas

Next, we install these industrial strength furniture brackets and screwed them over the existing hole, lining up the hole where the bolt of the leg screws in.

Replacing Ikea legs on Ikea Sofas

After they were all screwed in, I let my kiddos twist on the legs and I gave them an extra twist or two just to be safe! 😉

Replacing Ikea Legs

Ikea Sofa Hack

Here’s how it sat on the floor before…

Ikea Kivik Sofa Hack

and here it is with the first sofa done. I love the added 5″ height! It made it absolutely perfect. The back cushions sit right beneath the window, just like I wanted!

Ikea Couch Hack

I absolutely love how it changed the sofas and if you’re debating on adding or changing the legs on your furniture, DO IT! There are so many cute options out there! Make sure to tag us on Instagram (@classyclutter) and use #myclassyclutter so we can see your projects and possibly feature you!!

Ikea Couches in living room

How to add legs to ikea couches - www.classyclutter.net

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  1. Did you have to do anything extra to the metal support legs that attach the chaise and the sofa? I saw in your first pic that you had a sectional, but you don’t mention or show any sectional pics below! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda!

      I’m not sure which sectional you are talking about. We don’t have a sectional. We have two sofas sand one has a chaise attached but they’re the KIVIK sofas from Ikea. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi,
        I have the same issue, I have the Kivik couch with the Kivik chaise attached and want to add legs to the entire piece as a whole. Do you have a solution to adding legs with the chaise still attached? There is a metal bar that supports and connects the two pieces, giving no room to add another set of legs. Hope this makes sense and hope to hear from you

        1. Oh I just read your reply down below that you used furniture risers! Could you provide where you bought the risers from? And how to get them to an even height to match the legs exactly? Thanks super appreciate the help!

  2. Hi guys, I believe Amanda was referring to the sofa with the chaise which is also known as the Kivik sectional. I’m also looking for a good solution to adding legs to my sofa with chaise but the area where the chaise and the sofa connects is not ideal. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi! So if you flip the Ikea sofa on it’s back, it has a bracket that attaches the chaise to the sofa. I used furniture risers to support that bracket since it would no longer be supported by the floors. Hope that helps!

  3. We are wanting to do this exact thing to our Kivik sofa with chaise. In your first pic it shows the chaise attached. Did you have to do anything special where the chaise attaches to the sofa?

  4. This looks fantastic! How has it held up at this point? I read some Amazon reviews that said they wished they had wider legs for such a wide couch. I only have the Kivik 3-seater sofa, so I don’t imagine it will need to be so much more supportive than with a chaise.

  5. Hi! This is just the solution I was looking for! Looks really great, a real different look! I have a question though: is it now very different to get up from or sit down on the couch? Because the ‘sitting-height’ (sorry don’t know the english word for that) is now somewhat higher. Just wondering about that…

  6. Thank you for sharing this project. We just bought a Kivik couch and I love it, but I was looking at it the other day and kinda wished that it had legs. It does look bottom heavy without. So thrilled to have found your diy.

    I am just wondering do you have to be more careful with the couch now that it is 5″ off the floor. Looks like you have kids, them playing on it does the height affect the stability? I don’t think there is a center support, so just wondering if the base is still solid when you added the legs.

    Appreciate the feedback.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi I love your tutorial! I am getting the Kivik 3.5 with chaise in a couple weeks. Can you tell me how many legs and hardware brackets do I need to order?

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