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Modern Ranch House: DIY Wood Accent Wall

For my master bedroom I wanted to do an epic DIY Wood Accent Wall. I went back and forth with a few different designs. A few things I did know was, I did not want the wall to just have straight wood pieces and I knew that I wanted to add in some kind of round element. I was not really sure what I would use for that but I knew I wanted something round. This DIY Wood Accent Wall is easier then it looks.

This is how my room started. I got this amazing gold brass bed from Overstock, you can find it HERE. The nightstands are from Ave Home they are the Small Harper Campaign Dresser. Now to create the epic DIY Wood Accent Wall here are the materials that you are going to need,


Half Round Trim

4 inch wood rounds (I found these wood rounds at Hobby Lobby)

5 inch wood rounds (I found these wood rounds at Hobby Lobby)

Nail Gun (We are both obsessed with the Roybi Air Stike)

Brad Nails


I cut the half round into three different sizes, 13 1/4 inch, 18 1/4 inch and 28 1/2 inch. I used Four of each size to complete a square and then I used four 4 inch wood rounds, and one 5 inch wood round to create one square so figure out exactly how many squares you will use on your wall.

This is how I laid the squares out.

I cut two of the 5 inch wood rounds in half and then I cut 3 of the 4 inch rounds in half as well. Then on the wall was I used a level to find the center of the wall mark a line from the ceiling to the ground.

I followed along that line and I nailed a half of a 5 inch wood round

then I added the 18 1/4 inch piece

then after that I nailed on the 4 inch wood round

then another 18 1/4 inch pieces

I made the “T” from the center of the 4 inch wood round.

Then I just continued to build onto the square.

It took a bit to really figure out where everything went but it did get easier and I did use a small level to make sure that all the pieces were where they were suppose to be.

It took a bit of patience but I promise it was worth it!! I did have to fill all the nail holes and I talked all about how to paint this epic DIY Wood Accent Wall HERE so be sure to go and check it out.

I really do love my master bedroom Diy Wood Accent Wall. I think its the perfect amount of a pattern without being to overwhelming or to busy. I really love that I was able to find round wood pieces to add a bit more character. Now you should find a wall to do an epic diy wood accent wall.

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