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Modern Ranch Reno: How to Re-Grout a Brick Fireplace

I really did need to do something to update a brick fireplace. Since I moved into my house one of the first things I was dying to get my hands on was this fireplace in our main family room. I wanted to try and re-grout the brick fireplace so that it looked more my style. Never ever have I re-grouted anything before and I did not have any experience with brick but I really wanted to make it happen. So I was totally shocked at how easy re-grouting my brick fireplace really was. Using 4 bags of white mortar and a little bit of hard work I re-grouted my fireplace. The steps are very easy. Anyone with any kind of DIY experience can do this project. Although, it did take time for sure but that could be that I have very tall ceilings and it made it a bit more difficult to do the fireplace.

You can see even more before picture of my Modern Ranch Reno HERE.

Modern Ranch Reno: How to Re-Grout a brick fireplace

I love how the white mortar really helped to soften the look in this space.

I decided to make a video just for you to show you how easy it really was.

How to: Grout a Brick Fireplace


Here is a list of the materials:

I love how easy this project was and it totally changed the whole look of my house. By adding white mortar to dating brick it transformed my living room which is in the center of my home. I love this transformation.




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  1. Love it!! Great idea. It looks as if grout was already missing from the fireplace before you started the piping, was it? When you did the outside bricks did you have to seal your work? White doesn’t work in my home, but this does give me an idea! Thanks.

  2. I love this look and I’m planning to do this to my fireplace soon. Any tips on painting the brass fireplace screen?

  3. I just love this look! I’m having an impossible time finding the white mortar. I noticed you mentioned “white grout” under your list of materials — is that something I could use in place of the mortar to achieve the same look on my fireplace? Thanks!

  4. Love this! I want to do this ASAP! I’m having trouble finding the grout & there is all different kinds. Did you use thinset grout?

  5. Why is the mortar product link in the description different than the bag in your video? Which product should I use to get the exact same result as you!

  6. Such an interesting and informative piece of guidance imparted by you. I am glad to discover this

    information here and I am sure that this might be beneficial for us.

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