Mirrored side table and burlap chairs

This is my new table! You will die, guess how much I spent on it! 
The totally cost $10
Can you believe it, my mom, sister and I went to Show Low, Az to get my mom some ceiling tile and while we were there we did some shopping, I got this table base for only $10
 and I asked Lamel ( the man who we got the ceiling tiles from)
if he had any old mirrors and since my mom was getting a ton of ceiling tile,
(she is doing her living room ceiling in all of the antique ceiling tile, I can’t wait until it’s done)
He gave me this mirror for FREE! 
It was covered in dust and after he cleaned it, he realized it was worth some money 
the beveled corners are perfect and the aging is awesome!
 but a deal is a deal,  I was beyond excited! 

These pictures are really bad from my phone camera but you get the Idea…. My hubby used a hole saw to drill a hole in the middle of the plywood that fit perfectly over the table base (you can see in the picture below how there is a small circle that sticks up above the table), after he had cut a piece a plywood that is the same shape of the mirror I had picked up!
I then spray painted the plywood black and the hubby
 screwed the plywood on top of the table base, using four screws. 
Then used Liquid Nail to get the mirror to stick to the plywood.
The hubby then used “c” clamps to make sure the mirror was on really good.

This Mirror is AMAZING! I am LOVING it!
The aging of this mirror is PERFECT!
You can see the plywood is under the mirror.
What do you think about my $10 table?

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  1. What an amazing find, and combination! There’s nothing better than finding two unconnected pieces that seem made for each other. Absolutely beautiful!
    Tami @ still crazy after all these years

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