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Ideas for a Dinner Party

Are you planning a party and need extra inspo? Check out these ideas for a dinner party that will have your guests speechless!

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This post is all about ideas for a dinner party! I am excited to share this dinner party decor that I did recently. I wanted the dinner party to have simple and yet really cool elements and layers to it and I feel like that’s exactly what I was able to achieve.  We hosted the dinner party in my parent’s backyard because it’s just so dreamy and it went perfectly with the dinner party décor; it was cozy and fun. First thing I did after I figured out the location was check out some of the products that TIKI Brand offers.

I will be totally honest I had no idea that TIKI Brand had tabletop decor. They have so many awesome products and it was perfect for this dinner party!

Adding Fire

When I saw the Clean Burn Tabletop System, I knew they would be perfect for the party decor that I was going for. They are colorful and classic and the fire brought such a cool vibe to the party.

The tabletop fire-pieces went really well with the colorful vases that I had planned on using for some flowers. Everyone was raving about the addition of fire and it make the whole table look so elegant and professional.

Table Decor

To start the table decor I laid down a black and white straight table runner that is just a piece of fabric that I cut to the size and length that I wanted and then I got some tree trimmings from my trees and laid them out on top of the table runner.

Like I said before I used a few jars and vases that were all a different heights and filled them with some colorful flowers to add more layers to the decor. Depending on the season you can also change up the colors and the style of this table using some of these staple pieces.

I did not want all the fire-pieces to match and so choosing ones that all go good together was the goal. This was one of my favorite ideas for a dinner party and I will be using it for many other parties to come!

One of the tabletop fire-pieces is this round piece. It was amazing and pulled the whole table together!

I complemented the round pieces with getting a few of the square fire-pieces. I really loved that the colors are the same but the square ones are more of a see through glass finish and the round ones have more of a metal and solid color finish to them.

Final Details

The fire-pieces are very easy to light. You simply fill them up with the Clean Burn Torch Fuel. (The Clean Burn Fuel is made from a plant-based formula so the flames burn clean without soot or smoke on your tabletop.) Then you take a lighter and you just light the inside. Can you even believe how easy they are to set up and to light? This is one of my favorite pieces when it comes to ideas for a dinner party!

I also got this three wicked candle to change up the look and color. I like that it breaks up the some of the bold colors that I have on the table.

Can’t forget about the Earth Tone Candle with Rope Decor. The color and texture of this candle is amazing!

These ideas for a dinner party and the decor turned out perfectly! Especially all the elements and the layering. Be sure you check out all the amazing products that TIKI Brand offers and they always have sales going on!

This post is sponsored by Tiki Brand. All ideas and opinions are our own, always!

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