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Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Renovation: Part 3

Today is part 3 of our DIY Kitchen Renovation! Holy cow, you guys! SO Much has happened since we last checked in to our DIY Kitchen Renovation pt. 2! If you’re new around here, I am doing a complete DIY Kitchen Renovation on our new home (#mallorysprescottviewhome) and the kitchen has been quite a dramatic change! Here’s the “before” from when we moved in.

To get caught up check out Part 1 and Part 2!

Here’s our progress report:

  • Remove Countertops – DONE! – $50 so far to rent hammer drill from Home Depot.

  • Rearrange cabinets – Done! – Free!
  • Remove backsplash + repair drywall – DONE!

  • Build Island – (around $500) done! – Tutorial coming!

  • Install flooring ($2200-ish for main living/kitchen area) – Done! – Tutorial coming!

  • Template, Order and install Countertops (hired out, professionally installed ($3100) – done! – Details post coming soon!

  • Purchase barstools – done!
  • Relocate microwave to (newly built!) pantry – removed but not reinstalled
  • Build vent hood (Free! Had everything on hand! YAHOO!)  – done – Tutorial coming!

  • Build cabinets to ceiling ($100 in materials) – done – Tutorial coming!

  • Paint Cabinets – done!
  • Install new lighting over island  – done!

  • Paint and install new drawer and cabinet pulls – done
  • Install backsplash – ($6 per square foot) Marble Subway tile – Done!

  • replace stove – done!

GUYS! I took the final photos and I’ll be sharing a full reveal post SOON!!!! Here’s a sneak peek I shared on Instagram! Are you following us (@classyclutter) I can’t wait to show you the rest because it is my FAVORITE spot in the house and truly the center of our home! Make sure you subscribe to our emails (on the right hand side of the blog!) to get updates for when we post! We have so much fun stuff going on that you won’t wanna miss!

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  1. Wow! You did such an amazing job and I absolutely love it! This is similar to what I have planned for our kitchen just haven’t tackled it yet.I love the chandeliers you choose for over the island.

  2. Awesome DIY … this kitchen looks stunning!

    It really looks like a kitchen from a magazine 🙂

    Well done … I have to say that I love the flooring colour you guys went with.

    Thanks for sharing this,


  3. Hello. I just bought my first house and will be remodeling my kitchen. I picked out the exact marble that you have (or something very similar.) What is the upkeep on your marble backsplash? Is it a lot of maintenance? Thank you!

  4. What type of range hood did you use? I am looking at doing a covered hood as well but trying to figure out how to recirculate the air without a soffit. Thanks!

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