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Bake Craft Sew Decorate: $1 Paper Garland

Welcome back to our Bake Craft Sew DECORATE series month here on Classy Clutter! If you’re new or haven’t visited in a while, we will be having Christmas and Holiday decorating ideas around here for the whole month of November! We will be teaming up with our blogging friends Cindy, Mique, and Leigh Anne!

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We are excited about it so be sure to come back every day in November for another Holiday decorating idea! If you missed anything, you can check them out here.  Next up is a regular here on Classy Clutter! Welcome Charlotte from Ciburbanity, a member of our creative team!

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Looking for a way to impress friends and family with your frugal decor expertise?! This is the project for you! Cost? One little ol’ dollar. Time spent? Maaaaaybe an hour. It’s like the unicorn of the crafting world! This post is mostly photos because the tutorial itself is like 5 sentences long… it’s that simple.

Paper Garland title

Materials (affiliates for your convenience)
• an old book*
• hot glue gun
• circle punch (I used two different sizes to create this garland.)
• wire/ wire cutters
• yarn or twine
(*Before anyone gets upset that I’m punching holes in an old book, rest assured that this dictionary was wildly out of date… I checked and “bootylicious” was nowhere to be found.)

no bootylicious

Step 1
Cut out circles with your circle punch.

cut circles out of paper

each orb needs 3 circles

Step 2
Fold the paper circles in half.

fold 3 circles in half

Step 3
Glue two circles, pressing the halves together.

glue 2 circles together

Step 4
Glue a third circle, again pressing the halves together to make a paper star/ sphere.

glue third circle

Step 5
Grab a length of wool and use the wire to make a needle (Fold in half and twist). String the yarn through the middle of each star/ sphere..

threat yarn through paper orb

Aaaaand that would be it. This could look just as amazing with colorful paper or even paper that the kids have painted or scribbled all over! Again… so fast, so easy, so pretty.

paper garland on mantel

pape garnad with moose

oe ujp of paper circles

paper circles alone

I’m using this to decorate a holiday mantel that’s coming together over here, but the neutral of the old book pages means this *could* stay up year round! Just sayin’…

Thank You

Thanks so much Charlotte!! I’m still in shock that bootylicious isn’t in every dictionary. What is wrong with the world?? 😉 Make sure you check out Charlotte on her blog, Ciburbanity and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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