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DIY Engraved Metal Placecards + Silhouette Black Friday DEALS!

We’re SO pumped to share the new Silhouette Curio machine and Black Friday Deals with you guys today! We made these adorable Gold Engraved Metal Placecards for Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit at Thanksgiving dinner!


We used the NEW Silhouette Curio to engrave the metal and it was so easy and they turned out gorgeous!

We used these thin sheets of metal from the hardware store and cut them in half to 4″ x 5″. This was big enough to cut two at a time.


We used two of the platforms on the base then the embossing mat on top of that. Clip them into place with the side clips.

Place the metal sheets on your embossing mat and loaded it into the Curio.


Settings: We selected the Metal Engraving Sheets for the Media and used speed of 3 and depth of 33. We used the regular cutting blade at 10 to get a deep cut.

Curio Engraving Metal


Once it finished engraving, we cut it in half with scissors and then used used a rotary paper trimmer to score the center where we wanted the fold. We folded the metal and stood it up and it was perfect! We wanted the engraving to stand out a little more so we used black acrylic paint and rubbed it on the engraved design and name then wiped off the excess with a moist paper towel.

DIY Engraved Metal Placecards

That’s it! It was so easy and we did 21 engraved placecards in about 2 hours and they’ll last a lifetime! Now for the SALES!!!!

Shop this project with text

black friday event


Use code CLUTTER at checkout!

   Silhouette Mint (the new stamp machine!) $99.99

   Portrait & Mint $189.99

   CAMEO $199.99  <<<< Our personal favorite!!

   CAMEO & Portrait $289.99

Don’t forget to use the code CLUTTER for these deals!

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  1. I can’t believe how simple this was! It’s great to have place cards that are permanent so you can hold on to those memories or reuse them.

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