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Valentines Day Party

Happy Valentines Day!
Last weekend I had my annual Adult Valentines Party.
I believe every party needs to have a great invite to set the mood of the party.
These were mine…
I used my silhouette machine to design and cut out these invites. I also bought scratch off stickers. I don’t remember the site, I just googled it. I believe I got 100 stickers for $6 cheap and fun!
I added a penny that was taped on to a separate piece of paper.
I simply designed the invite so that the sticker would perfectly cover over the date and time of the event.
They turned out way cuter then I could imagine.
Next was the decor. I was running short on time because my new baby had been in the hospital the whole week before because he had RSV, which was soooo hard! 6 days in the hospital, 4 of which were in the ICU because he stopped breathing a few time, sooo scary and so glad its over. 
Anyways back to the party… I only had the day of the party to decorate.
This is what I came up with…
If you noticed I had Valentines pictures taken of my kids and used them.
I also white washed my fireplace. It was very easy and quick.
I did it just 2 hours before my party.
Next week I will go into more details about it!

I ordered 36 inch balloons and made the cute tassels that are hanging from them.
I made them by using a cheap plastic tablecloth. Next week  I will share the how-to!
I will make them every party… LOVE them!

For dinner I wanted a pasta bar.
I assigned out everything but the noodles. We had everything artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, white sauce, red sauce, meatballs, sausage, pine nuts, bacon and chicken.
Along with french bread, which my friend made from scratch and it was amazing, and a yummy salad.
For our dessert we had a yummy ice cream bar with waffle bowls from cold stone.
For a added surprise at the end of the night we had flying lanterns. One did get stuck in my neighbors tree, hence the picture above of my hubby running to put it out with a hose.
I found the lanterns online for a little over a dollar a piece. 
They topped off the night perfectly.

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!
Loves to everyone,
P.S. Mallory have that baby already!

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