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DIY Wall Decor

You can make these cute oversized wood letter that makes the perfect DIY wall decor in just 5 steps and for around $50!

For my kids playroom I wanted some fun on the wall for a big statement piece but I did not want to blow the budget on it. I came up with this awesome DIY wall decor and I thought it would perfect. The great thing about this DIY wall decor is that you spell out anything you want and you can also do whatever size you want.

Tools and Materials:

Step 1: Trace the letters

Trace your oversized letters onto 1/2 inch MDF board.

Step 2: Use the Jigsaw to cut out the letters

Using the Black + Decker jigsaw cut your letters out of the MDF board.

Step 3: Sand the edges until smooth

Smooth out all the edges with a sander. You can smooth out any mistakes you made while you were cutting out the letters.

Step 4: Paint the letters

Paint the letters any colors you like to. We used a satin finish paint.

Step 5: Hang the letters on the wall


Check out this video for the full tutorial

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