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Kids Christmas Tree

This is my first year decorating a kids Christmas tree for my boys and we have all LOVED it! It’s really fun to decorate a kids Christmas tree for their bedroom and makes them even more excited for their favorite holiday!

This post is sponsored by At Home. All ideas and opinions are my own, always.

We are so excited to be participating in the Tree for Every Room campaign with At Home! We have a pretty fool proof method for decorating Christmas trees and this is definitely still true when decorating a kids Christmas Tree. I got this incredible Red Christmas Tree from At Home and my kids and I are obsessed with it! It is so unique and beautiful and it is exactly what we needed to decorate my kids Christmas tree!

  1. First, start with your assembled tree and spread out the branches.   
  2. Next, add lights! This tree is not pre-lit but even if your tree is pre-lit add more lights! We love to mix large and small bulbs to add interest. I used the White and Red ceramic lights from At Home and added a string of red and blue smaller lights to the tree. It made the tree and most of the room glow red at night and my kids are thrilled about it!

3. Next, add your large and oversized items. This is KEY to a designer looking tree! We add several large scale ornaments, bulbs, signs, decor pieces, etc. Stagger them and shove them between the wire branches. If they are heavy or don’t feel secure, attach them to the trunk of the kids Christmas tree with wire.

Some of the items I used include:

4. After that, add picks (mine are all from At Home) to the top of the tree and throughout. I use them to create some texture at the top of the tree and throughout the more sparse areas of the tree. This is where your tree really comes to life!

5. Add ornaments. I like to lay out my bulbs and ornaments and group them into color piles. When adding them to the tree, I make sure that the same ornament or even the same color of ornaments are not right next to each other. Stagger similar ornaments on different sides and different heights of the tree branches. Layer them and add as many as you can fit! At Home as amazing deals on shatterproof bulbs that are very affordable so they go a long way when added into the mix.

6. Add a tree skirt and gift boxes! I love to use different types of blankets, faux furs or traditional tree skirts to hide the base of the tree. I used two black and white blankets to coordinate with my kids room. I also stock up on cardboard gift boxes in a variety of sizes and colors and place them beneath the tree. When it comes time to wrap gifts, I’m prepared to box up the awkward shaped gifts that we all dread wrapping! At Home has the cutest gift boxes!

We absolutely love having a kids Christmas tree in their room and now I’m sure they’ll beg me for one every year! 

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