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Modern Ranch House: Our Black and White Exterior Paint

Paint can make or break a house. I am so grateful that we have been able to partner with Behr Paint on one the biggest changes that we have made on our house. Exterior Paint.

When we first drove by our house when it was up for sale it had been listed for 6 months no one had lived there for awhile and everything was totally over grown and out of control. The outside was a mess.

The house looked totally outdated and it was far from looking like the modern house that we had been looking for. We searched forever for a house to buy and we REALLY REALLY wanted to stay in the same neighborhood that we were already in. We drove by this one a million times and with a little bit of imagination we started to look at this house differently. Cleaning up the landscape with be a game changer and more importantly paint the house would change everything about the house that I hated.

When I say that paint is life changing I mean just that. Paint can change everything. The style of the house is a long ranch house and I wanted it to feel way brighter and I wanted the paint to reflect the cool modern look of the top of the house. By the time we finally closed on the house it was so much worse. The landscape was WAY over grown and it was hard to even see what we were dealing with.

I wanted to work on the outside as soon as we moved in but our budget and time frame had other plans and our money was being spent on the inside for the first few months that we had the house. We had stuff to do on the inside before we could even move. We moved in the weekend before Thanksgiving and it is always such a busy time of year. But we did clean up the landscape a few weeks after we moved in.

Cleaning up the landscaping made it better. My neighbors were grateful that the house was looking better. But I was ready to do more to the outside.

After the landscaping was cleaned up there was a lot of things that bugged me even more when I could actually see the house. I did not realize how much the orangish brick and the green trim and the dusty old cream color would really bother me.

I also did not love the garage being black. It always looked really dirty and I did not think it matched the house paint colors. The black door always made it feel like it was not a part of the house and it made the garage really stand out and that is exactly what I did not want.

The backyard was just as bad. I don’t know if you can tell but the trim color in the back of the house was different then it was in the front of the house. Someone had painted the trim on the front of the house green but the back of the house was brown, so that was neat. One the side of the house it was painted half green and half this dark brown color. There must have been some spots in the front were the wood facia was being replaced and so they paint just the front. I not sure why they did not just match the color in the back since they did not plan on painting it but regardless the trim was mismatched.

The holiday hustle and bustle was over and spring was just around the corner. We were spending A TON of time outside and Painting the exterior of the house became a priority on our list of house projects.

I took many pictures of the outside and I drove by a million more house to help choose the paint color. We finally decided that a white house with black trim would be the perfect fit for this house and we knew we would love it. We went and got different sample colors of different shades of white and black from Behr and we finally picked Ultra Pure White for the main color of the house and Carbon for the Black trim and shutters (which is way deep and darker then online). Which I will go into that process next week on how we finally picked those colors and more of my tips for painting the exterior of a house but for now I just want to show you how Behr Paint truly changed my life.

This transformation has been one of the biggest changes ever. My tired old house looked totally outdated is now my Modern Ranch House that we are so proud of. It was the house that either no one ever notice when they drove by, and the house in my neighborhood that the neighbors hated.

But now Here is the after….. Drumroll please…..

I still can’t believe the transformation. If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen the Instagram stories of my crying and explaining how changing the outside has brought more joy then I ever thought it would. I knew that I would love getting the house painted but I had no idea that it would change everything about how I feel about my house.

Here are some more before and after pictures.

Now onto the back of the house, the back of the house still has A LOT of work but it looks a million times better already.

Before :


If you have been thinking about painting your exterior of the house, do it. I have neighbors and people come over and knock on my door just to tell how beautiful my house is. I had no idea that painting the outside of my house would create something to talk about with strangers. I knew a few of my neighbors on the street but after we painted the house and doing some new landscaping we now know everyone.

When I say that Behr Paint changed my life I dead serious. My house is stunning and a house that was once over looked is a show stopper and I am just so happy with the transformation.

Stayed tuned for more tips on more details about the paint I used and the process of this transformations.



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  1. I love the way this turned out! I am going to be using the Behr Ultra Pure White for the exterior of my home. We have mainly brick, and some vertical siding. What sheen did you use for your brick and siding? Thank you!

    1. Hey! We’ll be doing that very soon!!! Just waiting for better weather to take exterior pics! Savannah had her house professionally painted but I (mallory) did it myself and have lots of tips! Hugs!

  2. Have you posted the link to your tips on how to paint exterior and trim? I’m wanting to paint my house and I need help!! Thanks!

  3. Anxiously waiting for Mallory’s tutorial. Our painter quoted $6k which is not bad but hubs would love to save that money!

  4. Our house literally looks almost identical to yours! Now I know what it will look like with those colors!

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