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Easy Address Sign

Easy Address Sign

Hey everyone! How is everyone enjoying summer so far? I am excited to share with you my updates address sign. My old address sign was fine but I wanted something with a bit more character.

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This sign was so easy to make and I only needed a few things to put the whole thing together. Everything I found for this project is from Michaels.

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I got this wood plaque that was already the perfect size and I real liked the color then I found these grass blocks in the garden section, the wooden numbers were in the wood section. I also used a hot glue gun and some paint and sponge paint brushes.

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I choose to use pink paint which if you read our blog at all then you will know that pink and navy seem to be our go to colors. It also adds a fun pop of pink to the house. It makes the numbers so easy to read and I love it!

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While the paint on the numbers were drying I glued the green grassy squares onto the board.

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After that I simply just glued the numbers onto the green squares and I was done!


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How easy is that Address Sign?!?!?!? I love that it has a bit of character and it was a project that only took me a few minutes to put together.


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I hope you enjoyed this fun Craft that will add so fun character to your house! Thanks for reading. Let us know how your turned out!

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