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Decorating a Holiday Mantel

It’s the Holiday season which means it is time to decorate! Holiday mantels can be easily decorated in so many different ways. Having trouble hanging the stockings? Here are my best tips!

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Thank you Pier 1 for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Pier 1 all content and opinions expressed here are my own. How to hang stockings and decorate a mantel for Christmas

Frosted Noel Christmas Mantel and Tree

For the first time in my entire married life (almost 10 years!) I finally have a fireplace and mantel. The home I’m renting came with a fireplace but… no mantel! Dang! I decided that I wanted a beautiful place to hang stockings for our children and the existing fireplace in the home was really lacking character and the magic of Christmas.

Fireplace Before Photo

See what I mean? Nothing special. I decided to build a mantel (check out how HERE) and I couldn’t wait to decorate it for the Christmas time and winter! The plan was to have shimmery glitter, wintery white and metallics. So, I decided to head to Pier 1 to pick out my favorite items that fit the look and theme I was going for.

How to Decorate a Mantle

  • First, I started with a blank slate and added garlands. I used basic Christmas garland with lights and added the beaded white garland from Pier 1.
Faux Fur Stockings
  • Next I added the stockings. I am absolutely head over heels in love with these Snow Leopard Faux Fur Stockings.  They are insanely soft and will definitely hold all of the goodies Santa will bring!

QUICK TIP: Use adhesive mount clear hooks on your mantel to hide them and to protect your mantel from nail holes.

Hooks for Stockings
  • Then, I clipped on a few of the Beaded Poinsettia Clip Ornaments to every other stocking to dress them up even more. I clipped a few onto my Christmas tree too and I love them so much! They add the perfect amount of sparkle to the stockings.
Clip Beaded Poinsettia on Stocking
  • Next, I added a couple of decor pieces to the top of the mantel, including this Natural Deer with Faux Fur Scarf. Isn’t he adorable? I feel like he needs a name. Any suggestions?
Natural Deer with Fur Scarf
  • I wanted a HUGE centerpiece and focal point for the wall so I created this Silver Bells lyrics sign in Photoshop and had it printed off as an Engineer/Blueprint from Staples. It costs about $7 and makes a huge impact! I used spray adhesive to attach it to a 3×4′ sheet of underlayment plywood that I had cut at Home Depot. For a few bucks, you have an awesome (giant!) piece of artwork.

Do you want this Decor Item?

Silver Bells Free Printable Sign
  • Adding a few vinyl snowflake decals made the wall look complete.
  • My Christmas Tree was the same look this year! I used a lot of white, sparkle and textures.
Wintery White Christmas Tree
  • This Snow Leopard Faux Fur Tree Skirt I got from Pier 1 is AMAZING. I’m seriously considering stealing it from under the tree and using it as a blanket! It is so soft and comfy!!! I love how it puddles beneath our tree and it looks so luxurious!
Tree Skirt
  • Another of my favorite elements from my tree this year are the these Natural Rattan Gift Boxes. They come 3 to a set and they’re so cute just perched somewhere but I LOVE them in my tree! I spaced them throughout the tree and I love how big they are!
Christmas Tree Idea
  • To complete the area, I knew I needed a cozy little seating area. I threw this cute Velvet Rhinestone Snowflake Pillow on my chair to complete the space. I love the sparkle of the snowflake and the pillow is super soft and just feels so nice!
Rhinestone Snowflake Pillow

To Sum It All Up

I truly love how the entire space came together and that I was able to get everything I needed to decorate the space at Pier 1! I’m also really glad I chose this type of decor because I feel like it can stay this way throughout the winter. I love the snowy, sparkly look and it just screams cozy, winter to me! After building the white mantel; decorating it was so much fun!

Fur Basket
Cozy Christmas Mantel and Christmas Tree

Be sure to head over to Pier1.com and check out all of their Christmas Inspiration and Trends and choose your favorite! Frosted Noel was my favorite this year! They have everything you need for decorating your tree, mantel, entertaining, dinner table, and even your entire home!

Frosted Noel Christmas Mantel and Tree
Mallory Bombshell Sig.png
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