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DIY Planter Box (Paver Planter) Tutorial

Whatever your skill level with power tools, building and DIYing, this DIY Planter Box is for you! We’ve teamed up with The Home Depot and invite you to come build this awesome DIY Paver Planter Box out of pavers from Home Depot!

DIY Paver Planter Tutorial

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DIY Planter Box Project Tools:

  • A Circular Saw
  • Power Drill
  • A caulking gun
  • Utility Knife
  • Sandpaper Block
  • Paint Brush
  • 2 Bungee Cords
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Gloves
  • Safety Googles

Paver Planter Materials:

  • Four 12×12 pavers
  • Two 8 foot 2x2s
  • A bag of moisture control soil
  • small roll of landscape fabric
  • box of 3″exterior deck screws
  • stain and polyurethane
  • newspaper or  dropclocth
  • construction adhesive

Pro Tip: If using your DIY Planter Box outdoors, select pressure treated wood, cedar or redwood.

How to DIY Planter Box

Cut and sand wood

First, you’ll need to cut your 2x2s. I had the guys at The Home Depot do this for me. They’re always super helpful if you are not comfortable using a saw or if you don’t own one. You’ll need (4) 16″ pieces and (8) 12″ pieces. After you’re done cutting, sand any rough edges using your sanding block.

Sanding block for DIY Planter Box

Stain Wood

Apply a stain and polyurethane to your wooden pieces. I like to wear disposable gloves because stain can really stain your hands. Go figure. 😉

Pro Tip: If you do get stain on your hands, scrub your hands with some vegetable oil and a pinch of sugar and it rinses right off. I used Minwax Jacobean for this project. It’s my current favorite stain color. I love how rich it is.

Staining Wood


For the next step, grab your 3″ deck screws. The ones I purchased from The Home Depot do not require pre-drilling. Drill and countersink the 2×2 pieces together, with the 16 ̋ pieces forming the legs, and the 12 forming the support between the legs. Apply some wood glue, and then screw in the 12 ̋support pieces in 12 ̋ down the legs. Make sure to allow for the pavers to be flush around the entire top. I held my paver into place to make sure if fit snugly before gluing and drilling.

Inside Supports for Planter Box

Next, grab your remaining four 12 inch 2x2s, drill, apply some wood glue, and space them evenly across the bottom and screw them into the frame. One of mine got a little crooked when I drilled it in but no worries, no one will see the supports.

build and bungee

Finally, run a thick bead of construction adhesive around the inside perimeter of the frame. Carefully place each paver inside the frame then secure with bungee cords until the adhesive dries.

Creative House Number Ideas

Optional: I wanted to spruce mine up a bit and since our house numbers on our home are difficult to see, I thought it’d be fun to add them to the planter that sits next to my front door. I used the same construction adhesive and glued address numbers to the paver on the bottom right. You can really get creative here!

Plant flowers or Plants

Last step, line your planter with landscape fabric and potting soil then add your plants. I chose these beautiful pink hydrangeas I found at The Home Depot. You all know I love a pop of pink and these were perfect for springtime.

Cement Paver Planter Tutorial

That’s it! I’m ready to build a second one for the other side of my front door! They’re so welcoming!

Planter Box

If you make this DIY Planter box, Tag @classyclutter on Instagram and add the hashtag #classycluttermademedoit so we can see your handy work and cute paver planter.

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  1. Really beautiful dark stain and the house number! I should try it as soon as possible. The color is really awesome too look. Now, I am going to share this article on my twitter page to see my followers. Thanks anyway!

  2. It’s a beautiful touch adding your door number to the front, I did try to think of other decal ideas to add.
    If you had a stencil of some sort you could paint some nice detail on the paving slabs, or, some fake ivy glued to the side I think would look great too!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Homedepot DIH workshops, they sound awesome!

  3. I love your post you have shared here on your site. I would like to share it with my friends on all my social media accounts. Thanks for writing such an informative content.

  4. Such a nice touch to use your door number! I was looking for some ideas since I’m redecorating my cottage, so I’d like to say thanks for sharing your tutorial! Added to my list. And if you don’t mind, I would like to play with the original idea – add some painting accents (simple white ornament, for instance). But I’m not sure, which paint I should use.

  5. There is nothing that makes your more proud of your home than building and constructing things yourself. You get a nice feeling every time you see it. Thanks for sharing this tip.

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