Spring Fireplace Mantel

Spring is just around the corner. I wanted to add a little more color to my mantel. IlsZJPJp3hjA9hdphVMl7uYptaPlfVY51zTn5piejbM,7hyF4IxsKS0Q63B53dQWsGVKY4IcqqjGQS7Nvzl2av4,mkNf-TvYwedQSnQBK-mrbfQOb6Ry-MT0LCNXtPy70a4 My main focus was to fix up my mantel a bit but spend little or no money. I was able to achieve just that. I made this “k” sign in photoshop and just printed it out. I also printed THIS “let’s get lost” printable. cPfOtA7q7CPKpEKaX2d3GcBau1B-OAgajDtH2N5IBRM,0T2-lV_NDrefOgqgpDeh4m5Z4CmMlt-7jV8upg568yc,rJ93KNvkao5Ygn8MKWailchB03avRyuMhrSWsbpo7c8
I printed this LIVE SIMPLE printable and I made “5” in photoshop also.


I love this new wreath I got from Joann’s recently. I used a little bit of burlap that I ruffled up pulling out a few pieces at a time. I used the frames from my girls old nursery gallery wall. Don’t mind the skull on the right side of the mantel. My Husband went Javelina hunting and this is the skull from one of his kills. I normally hate anything like this but I like the texture that it brought to the mantel. I got the cute potted plants from Ikea.

IlsZJPJp3hjA9hdphVMl7uYptaPlfVY51zTn5piejbM,7hyF4IxsKS0Q63B53dQWsGVKY4IcqqjGQS7Nvzl2av4,mkNf-TvYwedQSnQBK-mrbfQOb6Ry-MT0LCNXtPy70a4 How do you feel about my updated mantel?! Also, I could die with excitement that I was able to have the talented Brittney Gurr Photography to come and take pictures of my whole house. I am excited to share my pictures and changes to my house in the next few months.

Lastly, PLEASE don’t forget to Vote for us at East Coast Creative Blog I can’t even wait to tell you guys which project is ours!!! And I really hope that you pick our project. Although, we can’t tell you which one is ours yet.

Update: We made it through the first round (Knock-Offs) of Creating with the Stars!!! We are so excited to have been in the top 5 projects!!! Next round is Paint if if you have read our blog for any time length of time, you know that paint is our thing! We are so excited! Thanks to all who voted!

Much Love sign-2

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