DIY Monogram Valance

I made this kitchen window valance for above my sink the other day! It was so simple and it looks so much better than the empty window we had there before!
It was super easy and turned out (I think) pretty dang cute! Best part, I used ALL stuff I had around the house! SCORE!
I got a scrap piece of fabric from an upholstery project I’m working on right now. (I’ll reveal it soon – promise!) 
Not a very good pic. sorry ūüôĀ
 I measured it to the width of my window and cut a big ole’ rectangle.  The width should be the same width or a teensy bit longer than your window then your height should be however long you want it to hang down. I did about 12″ long. So my rectangle ended up being 12×26 inches. 
Next, I simply hemmed around all 4 edges. I did a 1/4 inch hem around it all. Easy peasy. 
Then, I folded over one of the long sides (a 26″ side) and pressed the fold. I did a 2″ fold. This the part where you will feed the curtain rod through. 
See? That’s all you have to do for the valance part. 
Now here’s where we get creative people! 
You’re gonna want to find an image to use on your valance! I wanted a wreath with a crown and a “N” monogram on it so I used Photoshop to create it….  but you can use any free program like Picnik or you can find an image online to use!  
I didn’t have the wreath brush I needed to make it so I went searching on DevitantArt. I LOVE that site for FREE brushes and actions!  Click here to download the wreath brushes I used. Then, I went to work in Photoshop and created the image I had envisioned!
Perfect!  KEEP IN MIND: You do NOT need to use photoshop, you do NOT need to do anything fancy – You can simply find an image in Flickr or Google or something! Don’t let the photoshop nonsense discourage you! 
Then, we print on heat transfer paper! You can get this stuff pretty much anywhere they sell office-type stuff. Walmart, Target, Walgreens and pretty much any office supply store!  Or heck, order it online and get it delivered right to your door!
Next comes printing. If your image is NOT symmetrical (Mine was not, bc I did the “N” monogram, you will have to print it mirrored so it is the right direction when you iron it on.
Cut it out and iron on according to the package directions!
Then, you’re done! Hang it up and viola!  
I tied some 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon on each end to finish it off! 
What do you think!? 
How do you like my half way done cabinets? My landlord approved us painting the cabinets and I’m almost done! I BIG FAT LOVE white cabinets! I’m so excited to show you the whole kitchen when I’m done!
Are you gonna tackle a valance anytime soon? We wanna see if you do!

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